obama_senator-P[1]The President is at it again!  This guy continues to amaze me with his bold actions.  It has come to light that this Administration has ordered Agents to scrub all records kept on Muslims who have come under suspicion of terrorist links.  Agents have been ordered to delete these files even after we have suffered attacks on our soil.  The San Bernardino jihad shooting investigation found fault with our intelligence services for not connecting the dots of intelligence we had collected over the years.  As it turns out, the Obama Administration through the Department of State ordered all information relating to the group associated with the shooting couple erased because we did not have concrete evidence the group was a terrorist group.  Morale at the intelligence agencies is at an all time low because they were forced to erase those dots for political correctness.  Even though most of the Muslims who committed the attacks on American soil were foreign nationals, they were afforded American citizen rights.

Does anyone remember an operation called “Fast and Furious?”  A federal judge, Amy Berman, recently ruled that President Obama can not use Executive Privilege to keep the documents from Congress.  This program was created early in Obama’s first term to further his campaign for gun control.  The ATF sold guns to Mexican drug lords.  Weapons sold to the Mexicans were later used to kill a Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, and countless Mexican citizens.  Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over the documents.  The President used Executive Privilege to protect Holder.  This was the same tactic used by Richard Nixon to try to protect the Watergate burglars.  A judge refused that action also.  Judge Berman gave the Administration until February 2nd to hand over the documents to Congress.  Now it appears Obama has defied the judge’s order and refused to release the information.  Does Congress send armed troops to take the documents by force?  This is a Constitutional crisis in the making.

I wonder how many of you pay attention to what is happening at the United Nations?  Forget ISIS, forget North Korea, forget Iran, the most important issue for our current Administration is CLIMATE CHANGE.  That’s right, pollution is a bigger threat than other nations dropping a nuclear bomb on us.  That’s what Obama wants us to believe.

The United Nations Climate Conference recently held a meeting in Paris, France.  Not so surprisingly, the main topic on the agenda was not about climate change at all, but on how to fund their activities.  President Obama started things off by delivering a pledge of three billion dollars as seed money to start the process.  This fund was originally proposed in 2009.  The developed nations are to put in 100 billion dollars A YEAR to fund the underdeveloped world activities to clean the environment.

The Green Climate Fund’s Executive Director said that 100 billion dollars a year is not nearly enough to clean the planet.  He is proposing an increase to 450 billion a year.  Another top U.N. climate change expert, Christiana Figueres, says that over the next two decades trillions of dollars need to be spent.  Some in the U.N. are talking about the U.S. spending trillions of dollars over the next decade on this project.  Obama seems ready to make this financial commitment.

The United Nations will fund these third world problems by giving their governments the money to fund these proposed projects.  The interesting thing is that a majority of the U.N. believes that the United States does not deserve to have the wealth that it has.  For the first time, we have a President who was raised in the third world, and agrees with the majority that we do not deserve to keep the wealth we have accumulated.  This climate change program is nothing other than a transfer of wealth from the United States to the have not nations.

Obama is making these commitments without seeking approval from Congress.  For a man who taught Constitutional Law, he sure doesn’t attempt to know what it says or to follow it.


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