FE_DA_0123_Hillary_Clinton425x283[1]This post is much more simple than the usual ones I put up.  Everything is so clear-cut that explanations aren’t necessary.

On the Republican side Donald Trump did even better than the polls predicted.  I understand he is strong in South Carolina.  Trump is in a position to run the table of the remaining contests with the exception of “favorite sons” that will pop up along the way.  Donald Trump has stolen the “Hope and Change” slogan created by the Obama team in 2008 without saying those words.  He has captured the spirit of that message.

Donald Trump has changed the character of the Republican Party.  The “establishment” faction of the GOP better read the tea leaves and get on board.  No more is the leadership going to be able to blackmail the members to supply votes to continue the same.

Trump picked up much of his philosophy from the Tea Party.  He correctly read the dissatisfaction in the rank and file that the Tea Party exploited.  The Republican Party will never be the same.

John Kasich finished a strong second.  He spent the most time in New Hampshire and was rewarded for his efforts.  However, it is questionable if he has the money and organization to go the distance.  At least for now, he is still alive but I put him in a category I call the walking dead.

Others in this classification include Santorum, Christy, Fiorina, and Carson (Since I wrote this Christy and Fiorina have withdrawn).  While Kasich has life until votes are cast in South Carolina, the rest of that group should withdraw and go home.  If they stay in the race, it really doesn’t matter because their impact on the outcomes is past.  I don’t buy into the notion that all establishment candidates except one need to withdraw in order to defeat Trump.  I just think they should save the money for another day and another campaign.

That leaves Cruz, Bush and Rubio.  These three are vying for the “me too” position.  Their political races are alive at least through South Carolina.  All three currently have funding to go much further.  However, some day, several of these will realize it will be time to go home.

Congrats to Bernie Sanders for his stunning victory.  Not only did he beat the “Ice Queen”  by over 20%, but he won all the demographics.  Sanders won over the young, the poor, the females, and the minority groups (a very small number).  Hillary won with the elderly and the wealthy.

Hillary was dogged by the email scandal.  The New Hampshire voters decided they were tired of the Clintons.  They could not stand to face another four years of Hillary drama.  With the Clintons, that will never end.  Hillary will never willingly withdraw from the race because she is making too much money from the campaign.  So no matter how badly she does, she will never quit, just like 2008, unless forced to withdraw.

Clinton has shown she is vulnerable and not the heir apparent to the crown.  With her legal problems, not just the emails, but also the Clinton Foundation income related to her official actions, Hillary is being seen more and more as a liability to the Democrat Party.  Unless she can win some big victories, not just a few points, but a few big victories in the upcoming primaries, the Democrat Party might let her be indicted to cut their losses quickly to try to salvage the race with another candidate (Joe Biden).

New Hampshire is behind us, but it will be a few days before we will see all the results.


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