Barack+Obama+President+Obama+Signs+Every+Student+wGFGtSgwcuxl[1]With all the primary news and happenings going on, we almost forgot about the activities of our President.  President Obama used the time when no one was looking to do some mischief.

Obama has long argued that illegal aliens are good for America.  These foreigners crossing our southern border, usually have no marketable skills that allow them to contribute to the country.  When they are captured by the Border Patrol Agents, they are processed and released.  They are given a document known as a “Notice to Appear.”  This document is the first legal step to start the deportation process.

More than 90% of these illegals never show for their hearing.  This is an embarrassment to the Administration.  Well, no more!  From now on, the Border Patrol Agents are told not to arrest anyone illegally crossing the border into the country.  The Agents are effectively just directing traffic.

If Border Patrol Agents do more than release the illegals without even processing them, they will be terminated.  The agents are not even permitted to ask the illegals why they are sneaking into the United States.  To date no Agents have been terminated because the Agents are following the new directives.

Because the illegals are not arrested and processed, there is no date set for their hearings.  No more embarrassment for having no shows.  Plus the Administration can claim there is no illegal alien problem because the number of illegals entering the country is statistically way down.  Now the President can claim his Administration is so tough on the illegals.

The Border Agents have been given strict orders to not arrest any illegals even if the illegals attack the Agents.  America has no idea where these people are, what they are doing and what diseases they may be carrying.  We have no knowledge if they are here to work or to commit terror attacks.

There is a strong indication that many of those who are sneaking into our country from the south are from the Middle East.  Prayer blankets, Qurans, burkas, and other Muslim effects have been littering the farm trails leading from the border.  Also, a high number of Cubans have been reported in the numbers of those entering.

The Mexican drug cartels are loading up illegals and sending them across the border to occupy the Border Patrol manpower so they are free to transport drugs across the border.  They tell the illegals to seek out the Agents to occupy their attention.

The Obama Administration has cut the aerial surveillance for 2016 by 50% according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  This surveillance program directs the Agents on the ground to descend on the areas where the illegal entry is the busiest.

Eventually, many of these illegals will have their children educated in the public school systems.  They will find their way into the welfare system.  And they will be counted in the next census when it is time to adjust the Congressional Districts by population.  Down the road, when these children have children, they will be citizens, or anchor babies.  And a whole new generation of citizens will be created without any American ever giving them approval.

Obama originally ran with the promise he would remake and change America.  Folks, it looks like he has done exactly that..


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