obama-election-P[1]You have to search long and hard to find a President who has broken more laws than Barak Obama.  For a former Constitutional law instructor, the President seems to be very ignorant as to what is in the document.  I pity his former students.  They could not have received much value from this guy for what they paid in tuition for his course.

Let’s start with immigration.  The Obama Administration refused to enforce our border laws.  Our Border Agents were ordered to not stop anyone who crossed the border into the United States.  Instead, they were required to gather up the illegals and transport them to a processing center where they could be registered.  This is a violation of U.S. law.  Obama doesn’t care.  After the illegals are registered and a hearing is scheduled on their deportation, they are released and never heard from again unless they are arrested for a felony.  Even then, many times they are released again.

Now the Administration is issuing work permits for the illegals.  They will continue to keep wages in the country low as these workers flood the workforce.  Nowhere does the President possess this authority.  He doesn’t care what the Constitution says about his power.

Congress refused to fund Obama’s plan to release prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.  Obama continues to release prisoners to foreign countries where they can leave after a short time and rejoin the fight to kill Americans.  Congress has refused to fund any activities to release these prisoners.  Obama doesn’t care.  He’s releasing them anyway.  I wonder how many American soldiers died capturing these guys the first time?  How many more will die when we fight them again?

The Congress passed, and Obama signed, the Affordable Care Act, or popularly called ObamaCare.  The Administration then changed the law twenty some times and fine tuning it to try to make it workable.  None of these changes went through Congress as required by law.  Obama doesn’t care.

Obama tries at every opportunity to outlaw guns.  He hates the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  After every shooting or terrorist attack in the United States or abroad, Obama tries to disarm America.  Now he is considering using Executive Orders to fulfill this task.  Congress has repeatedly rejected Obama’s plans.  He doesn’t care.  He knows he will be out of office before the courts overturn his actions.  Obama is creating new law that could imprison those who break the Executive Order.  All because he opposes them politically.

Obama signed a U.N. treaty (Small Arms Treaty) that actually allows the United Nations to register every gun sold in the United States.  The U.N. even has the authority to collect all of these weapons.  Congress has refused to approve this treaty because it is in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.  Obama signed it anyway.  Didn’t he take an oath to “uphold the Constitution of the United States”?  He doesn’t care.

During Fast and Furious, the Obama Administration got caught selling guns to Mexican drug lords.  When discovered, they originally tried to shift the blame to American gun dealers.  After that failed, and Congress demanded the Obama Justice Department investigate,  they swept it under the rug and refused to indict anyone.

Another group who has been illegally punished by the Administration is conservatives.  Obama used the Internal Revenue Service to deny tax exempt status for conservative groups.  He also used this agency to audit and harass his political foes.  When demands for an investigation were made by Congress, the Obama Justice Department refused to do so.  (See the pattern here)  Other Administrations have done similar things but not nearly to this extent.

Eric Holder has been the most empowering Attorney General this nation has ever had.  How the new Attorney General, Janet Lynch, will perform is still unknown on issues relating to her boss.  If she was totally honest, it is doubtful she would have been selected for the job.  Will Lynch continue to enable Obama with his lawlessness?



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