Migrants-in-Europe-640x480[1]You know, I’ve about had it with all of you who come to my country and wants me and all other Americans to change the basics of our country because you are not comfortable.  It is time for Americans to stand up for America.  Being politically correct has been worn out.  I’ve decided that I will not continue to change my way of life because foreigners have invaded America.  I will not change.  Our visitors better get used to the way America is.

Most foreigners who come to America find a country that opens its arms to them.  They respond by assimilating into our culture and benefitting themselves and those they touch.  They help make America better.  After all, we all come from immigrants.  To them I say welcome.

I don’t care where you came from, or where you are staying while here, you should abide by our rules, our customs and our way of life.  I don’t care if you were brought here by our government because things at your home are so bad you had to leave.  I understand we are saving your life, and you should, too.  I don’t care if you came here by sneaking into our house by crossing the border undiscovered.  I don’t care if you came here legally.  If you come here, you are expected to respect all the customs you find here.  You are not forced to adopt our customs, but I expect you to understand you are our guests, and you need to respect your hosts.  If this is too much for you, then leave.  You won’t be missed.

America is 85% Christian.  It does not mean you must be a Christian, but the country was founded on Christian traditions.  It is the under pinning of our legal system.  Accept that and deal with it , or leave.

You are free to practice whatever religion you wish.  It doesn’t matter to me what faith you are.  Just so you understand I will not hide or change my religion because you feel my religion offends you.  America was founded under the principle that we will be free to worship as we please.  Just because we let foreigners into the country does not mean that we will change that founding principle.  You are free to worship as you please here, but so are we.

We welcome foreigners to our country.  We want your intelligence and energy to make America better.  We welcome all those who plan to produce a better life for themselves and those Americans around them.

We support helping those who need a helping hand upon arrival.  If you are planning to come here and living the rest of your lives off the hard work and effort of others, then get out and leave.  We do not want you here.

Let me also tell you this.  America functions in English.  Not Spanish, not Arabic, but English.  I know many of you do not speak English now, but if you are going to stay in my country, you need to learn the language of America, and that’s English.  Without knowing the language, you can never be successful here.  So spend the time and energy to learn the language and customs if you plan to stay.

I know I do not sound very politically correct.  Too bad.  I support some of the political correct agenda, but it is time to tell the world that America will not change to accommodate our visitors.  Our visitors must change to accommodate America.  This is our country, and it will stay that way.  If you don’t like what I’m saying, then leave.


One response to “GUESTS

  1. I’m with you all the way brother, i believe that foreigners who decide to nake a living in America should abide by the rules of the land, and on top of that, learn the English language, America is a land that represents many nationalities, religions, and people, America respect different kinds of people, thats why majority of America business is foreign owned, but enough is enough, there must be a time that America will say, we don’t have the room for every person in the world to stay and live as an all american free lifestyle, we need room to grow as our families grow to achieve their goals and raise their families to kero the cycle going. I will get deep about America later….

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