hillaryclintonfingerpoint[1]Hillary Clinton got caught lying again during the Democrat debate.  She falsely said Donald Trump was being used in ISIS recruiting ads.  This is nothing new for a Clinton.  But the real story of the debate that has been glossed over has to do with the computer problems of the Democratic National Committee.

The DNC had a computer glitch that allowed the Bernie Sanders campaign to see some of the Clinton campaign private material.  Bernie Sanders fired or suspended those involved as soon as he learned of the situation.  Hillary, never to miss an opportunity, fired off emails, tweets and used all her contacts to exploit the situation for maximum effect.  Hillary wanted Sanders barred from accessing their own information about voter information stored on the DNC computers.   This was vintage Clinton, the victim again.  It was just a few months back that Sanders saved the Clinton campaign by refusing to allow debate questions regarding Hillary’s email problem.  This is how she pays him back.  This is vintage Clinton.  Victim Clinton goes for the jugular and take no prisoners.

Hillary also delayed the debate because she refused to share a bathroom with a staffer from the Sanders campaign.  This arrogant woman refuses to share the facilities with common people.  This reminded me of Hillary getting upset because her shoes got dusty at Ground Zero when she visited for a photo-op after 9/11.

Hillary began her political career when she was a staffer on the committee that was trying to impeach President Richard Nixon.  She was fired because she was caught trying to fabricate evidence.  Even the Democrats could not tolerate Hillary’s lack of morals.

None of this is surprising when it comes to the Clinton’s.  Hillary has a long list of character flaws going back to before her husband was elected President.  Bill and Hillary Clinton joined a church in Arkansas because polling showed they were disliked because they had no religious beliefs or moral grounding.

The Clinton’s were involved in the Whitewater real estate deal in Arkansas where they built and sold homes on a rent to buy basis.  The small print stated when a payment arrived late all payment reverted to rent.  Twenty years later, when the purchaser thought the property was paid off, they found they had no equity at all.  The Clinton’s then sold the property to someone else and started the process all over again.

When the Federal Government started investigating the sham, all the records disappeared from the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary was a partner.  Years later, a maid found the records in the living quarters of the White House.  Hillary was one of the few who had access to the records before they disappeared and denied under oath knowing anything about how they came up missing.  The maid was fired but the Clinton Justice Department dropped the matter.

Early in Bill’s first term, Hillary was put in charge of Healthcare.  She met with doctors, medical companies and others to devise a national system, controlled by the Federal Government.  The plan was very similar to the ObamaCare that is current law.  The difference is that under ObamaCare there is an exemption for mom and pop operations who can not afford to meet the laws requirements.  Under Hillary Care, there was no such exemption.  When told that thousands of small businesses would be forced into bankruptcy, Hillary said she couldn’t be held responsible for every under capitalized business in America.  This lack of sympathy for the less privileged has become a Clinton trait.

During the first term, Hillary got involved in Futures trading.  Her broker, a personal friend, invested in Live Cattle.  seems the broker made two trades, one long contract, and one short contract, entered at exactly the same time.  When the contracts were liquidated, one contract made $100,000, while the other contract lost $100,000.  Although both of the transactions were in the brokers name, he said the profitable trade was Hillary’s while the losing trade was his.  Hillary had never traded Futures before, she didn’t even have an account in her name.  Clinton took her $100,000 and never traded Futures again.  The whole issue looked like an old-fashioned payoff, but the Clinton Justice Department investigated and found nothing wrong.

Bill Clinton had a wandering eye for young women.  He apparently had more than just that.  His sexual affair with a White House intern, other affairs, and even rape charges lodged against the sitting President by several women could have ended the President’s career.  Hillary was put in charge of cleaning up the mess which was internally called the “Bimbo Eruption.”  Hillary used every means possible to stop these women.  She sent people to physically threaten them.  She used government agencies (Justice Department, Internal Revenue Service, EPA, to name a few) to destroy these women for coming forward.  The way Hillary treated Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers and Juanita Broderick stopped other potential women from coming forward and telling their stories.

Hillary is well-known for her temper-tantrums.  Her fights with Bill over the bimbos is legendary.  Her attitude was that Bill was potentially denying her of her rightful place in the White House.   It was always assumed that she would someday occupy the Oval Office herself.

One of Clinton’s campaign themes this year is women earn less than men for doing the same job.  What this hypocrite doesn’t tell anyone is that she does the same to her female staffers.  Hillary now claims she is running as the “women’s candidate.”

Hillary’s health also comes into play.  You may ask what that has to do with character.  Well, Hillary may not be healthy enough to do the job if elected.  Last year her appearance before Congress was delayed because she fell and suffered a head injury.  Her husband Bill said publicly it took her eight months to recover from that fall.  It sounds more like a stroke than a concussion.  On the campaign trail, Hillary is not seen for long periods of time.  Much less than all the other candidates.  Her stamina seems to be much lower than her opponents.  Is Hillary trying to deceive the American people?  If this is true, then her personal ego is much more important to her than any duty to do what is best for the country.  Would you expect anything less from a Clinton?

When the Clinton’s left the White House, Hillary claimed they were flat broke.  Even though they owned a very expensive home in New York.  The New York home needed to be modified to be secure for the former President.  A second home on the property was to be used by their security detail.  A lease was created between the government and the Clinton’s that just happened to cover the mortgage and operating costs of  their new home.  In other words, the Clinton’s got their estate for free, after a small down payment.

Hillary also received $8 million upfront for a book deal before leaving the White House.  Bill collected millions of dollars, as all former Presidents do, for his Presidential Library.  The Clintons, however, included living quarters for themselves in the plans.  Providing a tax-free place to live is a first that has never been done before.  With Bills pension, government provided living expenses, and Hillary’s office expenses, the Clinton’s were far from broke.

Bill and Hillary set up a foundation to do good works around the world.  With Hillary in the U.S. Senate, and later as Secretary of State, they were able to bring in millions of dollars in contributions from foreign governments.  This is illegal, but the Clinton’s found a way.  The donations went to a Canadian charity who then bundled them together and donated the balance to the Clinton Foundation.  It just so happens that Canadian law protects the identity of people who donate to Canadian charities.  Bill has been paid millions giving speeches to groups that have benefited from Hillary’s actions.  As Secretary of State, Hillary gives favorable treatment to those countries that pay Bill huge fees or donated to her foundation.  They say this is just a coincidence.  I’ll let you decide.  The Clinton Foundation only pays out about 10% of their assets on their projects.  The rest of the money goes to cover the daily costs of the Foundation.  These costs include travel and living expenses for the Clinton’s.

As Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, Hillary left her mark.  She wanted to restart relations with Russia’s Putin.  Since that time, Putin has purchased a company that generates 25% of the U.S. uranium production.  Hillary signed off on this sale.  Putin figures America is now docile.  He made moves in Ukraine, defying the U.S. and the U.N.  Putin now looks like the bully that kicks sand in the weaklings face.

Hillary refused to provide repeated requests for increased security at Benghazi, Libya.  She then said she never saw any of the requests and blamed others.  After the Benghazi attacks, Clinton blamed a video, even though she told others behind the scene that it was a planned terror attack.  She even lied to the families of the victims about the cause.  To this day, she has never corrected her statements to the victims survivors.  Secretary Clinton still has not answered the question as to why no response was sent on the night of the attack.

Hillary orchestrated the withdrawal from the Middle East that led to the rise of ISIS.  The Democrat left wanted us out of “Bush’s war,” so we left.  In her last book, Hard Choices, published in 2014, Hillary took credit for running our Middle East policy during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Once becoming Secretary of State, Hillary signed a document saying she understood the requirements for handling classified material.  Instead of following those instructions, Clinton set up her own email system outside of the required security protocol.  She mixed personal with government activities on this server.  When Freedom of Information requests were filed, and the State Department discovered they had none of Clinton’s emails, she was finally caught.  She destroyed the hard drive and erased any controversial items.  Some of the destroyed emails came to light when they were produced by the recipient.  Then the question was why hadn’t Hillary turned those documents over.  Hillary destroyed any controversial emails that might embarrass her while she runs for President.  The FBI is currently investigating.

I do not think Hillary Clinton is a happy person.  It really does not matter if her campaign for President is successful or not, it will not bring happiness or joy to her life.  She brings this on herself.  Her self-centered personality dominates her thought process.  I do not think Hillary has any true friends.  All who come in contact with her know she will step all over them if it is to her gain.  She feels she is superior to all around her.  It is difficult to like someone whose world starts and ends with ‘me.’

See, the laws are for the common people, and certainly not for Hillary.  She feels no need to follow what her lessors are required to do.  Just like not sharing a bathroom.  Is this really what America needs for our next President?


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