nativity-scene-statues-hand-decorated-pottery-manger-35774765[1] Some 2000 plus years ago, God sent his Son to live among us.  His name was Jesus, and he was born and entered our world in human form.

Jesus did not enter our world as a king or someone who was surrounded by splendor.  No, Jesus was born in a stable, surrounded by animals.  There were three kings from different kingdoms who traveled far to see the baby and record the history of this amazing birth.   Humble though this birth was, he would grow to change the world.

This season is celebrated around the world.  Christians everywhere spend time with friends, family and loved ones to step back from the rat race we now call life to thank God for sending his Son to be among us.  This is the time of year that we recognize the beginning of that process.

There are those among us who hold different beliefs.  Christians, although a majority of those in the United States, is a minority in the world.  Most of the other religions on this planet co-exist peacefully with the Christians and other religions.  There are two religions where this is not true.  Radical Muslims demand that if you are not a radical Muslim, then you need to die a horrible death.  This holds true for even those of their own Muslim faith that do not take the radical perspective.  Atheists demand that all references, all symbols of Christianity, must be removed from view of the public.  Their obsession with eradicating Christianity borders on the extreme short of violence.  These two groups have no tolerance for any religious freedom of anyone but their own.

Enough of this.  All these stories and issues will be with us in the new year.  Now is the time to step back, celebrate the birth of Christ, and enjoy the holiday.  Jesus came into the world, lived with us and taught a message of love and peace for all.  He taught forgiveness of our neighbors and our sins.

I would like to take this time to wish all my readers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year, no matter what your personal religious beliefs are.  Accept this blessing in the spirit it was intended.


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