306_51c20975-18a1-4af1-bc6d-7ed23a538d1b[1]President Obama met with the brass at the Pentagon along with the folks from the National Security Council while the country was still morning the dead and wounded from San Bernardino.  He went to the microphones and cameras to tell us how we are winning the war  against ISIS under his great leadership.  He never mentioned the domestic attacks that have frightened the population.  Just like the media, if Obama doesn’t acknowledge the attacks happened, then they didn’t.

The bombing campaign, as is currently being waged, is very expensive and cost inefficient.  We continue to drop multi million dollar bombs on targets to kill one person.  With all the various countries and groups involved in the attacks on ISIS, and no one in charge of the overall plan, confusion reigns.

Russia continues to support Assad from Syria.  Putin plans to eventually control Syrian and Iraqi oil.  Iran has become a partner with Russia to become a major power broker in the Middle East.  Iran has purchased a defensive missile system from Russia to protect them from anyone attacking their nuclear weapon program.  The Kurds, who support the United States are constantly being bombed by Russia to keep them weak so they can not attack Assad’s government.  Our friend Turkey is one of the biggest purchasers of black market ISIS oil, which President Obama conveniently ignores so he can pretend that he actually controls the coalition that is fighting the war.

Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated an agreement with Iran that retards their nuclear program until after Obama leaves office.  The agreement is only 60 days old and Iran has already violated the provisions.  As it turns out, Iran never signed the agreement or submitted it to their legislature for approval.  They have now test fired a ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States.  Of course, Obama refuses to recognize the missile test because he still claims credit for reaching the non agreed to agreement.

America is planning to accept hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from the Middle East.  Note that Christians are only entering the United States through private activities, and not government.  Our vetting program has been shown to be inept at filtering out the terrorists who have infiltrated the refugees.  Our vetting process does not look at social media platforms because we do not want to infringe on their rights.  That is reserved for Americans.  The President has gone above and beyond to fight all those who want to slow down the immigration process.  Thirty one Governors have told the Administration they will not accept the refugees.  The Administration told the governors they have no authority to stop the influx. That refusal is reserved only for the rich Middle East countries with vast oil wealth.  Obama’s people also told the states they need to provide humanitarian aid to the refugees or they will lose other federal funds from contributions to welfare, unemployment, and other social programs.

The Administration says their vetting program is 99% effective in stopping terrorists from entering the country.  His National Security people disagree.  They see the program much more flawed.  If you had a bag of candy with a hundred pieces, and only one was loaded with poison that would kill you, how many would you eat?  Obama has decided we will eat them all.

September 11, 2001 changed the world forever.  No longer will Americans enjoy the freedom of movement that I enjoyed for most of my life.  I’m growing tired of saying those sentences.  Let’s be honest, the world will never be the same.  When the Administration refuses to call it Muslim extremists, how are we to fight the war when we can’t define our enemy?

Obama still believes the greatest threat to America is global climate change.  As America buried our dead in California, Obama was overseas signing a climate treaty that the President said would show ISIS that we are in control.  This is another treaty where the American taxpayer will finance the worlds activities to clean up their countries pollution problems.

President Obama’s answer to the California shooting is to disarm America.  If we only let the terrorists have the guns, the country will be much safer according to the President.   Black Friday saw the largest number of background checks ever for a day with 185,000 people purchasing weapons.  If we are winning the war on terror so easily as the President says, why are Americans purchasing so many guns to protect themselves?  Labeling the attacks as “workplace violence” does nothing to calm the nerves of American citizens.


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