90482-109908044_10_full-480w[1]It’s time to take a serious look at “Sir Donald.”  Donald Trump has caused consternation to all the political professionals and TV pundits alike.  He has become the true “Teflon Don.”

When Donald Trump entered the Presidential race, it was believed by most that he would not make the commitment needed to go the distance.  There is a heavy financial cost to someone like Donald Trump to make this run.  Not only is he pretty much financing his own campaign but he does not have the time to tend to his vast business empire.  That cost is probably in the millions of dollars.  Trump has made that commitment and shows no signs that he won’t try to go the distance.

All candidates stay in the race until they do not have the money to go to the next state.  Then, and only then, do they decide, for the good of the party, to suspend their campaign.  Trump is self funded so he can go as long as he wishes.

Donald Trump has worked the television networks to perfection.  He dominates their news shows to such an extent that he doesn’t need to spend any money on advertising.  When the media interviews the other Republican candidates, they ask them about what Trump said giving him even more exposure.

Many of us thought Donald Trump would be gone by now.  Well, he’s still running, and leading all the polls.  Any candidate who has attacked him has gone way down in the polls.  The more outrageous his statements have been, the more his popularity increases.  Donald Trump has become a populist.

Trump has created a real bond with a large segment of the American population.  He tells Mexico he will build the fence and they will pay for it.  Everyone says it will never work, but when people think about it for a while, they like it.  Trump says he will ban all Muslims until we straighten out our vetting process.  He is labeled as racist and a hater until people think about what he said and decide he’s right.  Every time he throws something out, it seems he gets blasted by the establishment and the media and gains more support.

The “establishment” G.O.P. is trying to do all they can to block Trump from the nomination.  We haven’t even cast the first vote yet and the power players are already talking about a “brokered” convention to stop Trump from being the party’s candidate.  The brokers want a moderate candidate in the McCain or Romney elk that is closer to the Democrats.  They certainly don’t want another Reagan type.  One of those was enough for that group.

I am not saying Donald Trump is a conservative.  He has supported liberal causes in the past.  He is a “big government” guy.  One of the problems I see that lie ahead for the billionaire is he is never specific when answering questions.  People perceive positions for Trump that he has never offered.  Everyone thinks Donald supports their positions when he has actually never given the specifics.  He appears to be all things to all people.  Will his bubble burst?  I don’t think so.


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