U.S. vs. ISIS

320_a063d046-67df-43d7-b665-2a1d4d0e31e4[1]President Obama actually made a speech in Paris where he said by passing a U.N. law that greatly restricts economic activity for the developed world will help defeat ISIS.  Obama thinks that spending billions on the environment will stop the radical Muslims from their mass murders, enslaving women and attempt to remake the world in the image they want.

When President Obama started his bombing campaign against ISIS, he listed “rules of engagement” that protected civilians.  Because these rules were published publicly by the Administration, our enemies in the Middle East knew how to protect themselves.  They set up their operations in civilian areas where they are free from American attacks.  Even now, Obama tells our enemies every move he plans to take in advance.

America occasionally develops intelligence that pinpoints high level personnel.  We then drop a $7 million bomb on a car that kills the target.  This is followed by much chest thumping about how we are winning the war.  For every leader we kill, ISIS recruits a thousand new soldiers.

The Kurds, one of the few dependable groups that are loyal to the United States, have been starved of weapons from the U.S.  We funnel our weapons through Assad in Syria.  Assad does not want to supply the Kurds because he knows at some point the Kurds will use the armory against the Syrian government.  Assad continues to use American weapons against this group.  Russia, who is propping up Assad, have bombed Kurdish positions to stop the Kurds from attempting any action against the Syrian government.

A Russian jet was shot down by Turkey.  The United States sided with Turkey because Russia invaded Turkey air space without permission.  Turkey is also upset with Russia over the Kurd bombings.  Russia has released videos of ISIS trucks of oil moving from their captured oil fields to Turkey.  This black market oil is providing ISIS with millions of dollars a day to run their army and buy weapons.

It is impossible for the United States to not know of this oil activity.  The United States Administration originally did not bomb the trucks delivering oil because they said the drivers were just trying to earn a living and were not political.  This was later amended to say they did not want to create the environmental damage blowing up the oil trucks would cause.  The same goes for the oil fields themselves.  The damage the resulting fires from bombing would cause was more serious to the environment than allowing ISIS to prosper and finance their war activities.

The President further supported ISIS by deliberately keeping our borders open to all to enter.  The paths running from the border in Texas is littered with Qurans, prayer rugs, burkas and other Muslim items that were dropped by the illegals as they made their way to safety.  The Obama Administration continues to fight any attempt to secure our border.

This Administration wants to dump tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries into the United States without serious vetting.  Surprisingly, almost all of the refugees allowed in are Muslim.  Christians who have been marked for extinction by ISIS need not apply.  He has threatened to veto any Congressional legislation that requires a more serious vetting process.

The mass shooting in San Bernardino, California by the radical Muslims is a tragedy by anyone’s standard.  The Administrations answer is to stop Americans from defending themselves from this type of terror by restricting Americans right to purchase and carry weapons to protect themselves or their loved ones.  Obama wants to give the terrorists an unrestricted hand to act in America.

When I proofread this post, I came away with a very bad impression of our President.  I do not want to say bad things about our Commander-in-Chief but it seems to me the President is on the other side, and not on the side of America.  This goes well beyond just the difference in politics.  The policies of this Administration point to a situation where the actions of the President goes directly against America and helps our enemy.  I don’t know if this is due to his Muslim upbringing or just his inability to shake free of the people who surround him.


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