Hassan_Rouhani[1]What would you say if I told you we do not have any agreement with Iran relating to development of nuclear weapons?  What if I told you that Iran actually has no legal requirement to stop making nuclear grade material capable of developing bombs?  What if I told you the United States and the other western countries are the only governments who face restrictions?  Well, it seems that may be the case.

Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo (R) sent a letter to the Department of State asking if the agreement he had in his possession was the final agreement because it was not a signed document.  The State Department responded that the document the Congressman had was, in fact, the final agreement.

The negotiating team never requested Iran to sign the agreement.  Julia Frifield, Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs at the State Department, responded by letter to Congressman Pompeo that the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an Executive Action, but rather a set of “political commitments.”  The document is not a binding agreement.

Frifield further stated that a formal agreement was not necessary because the Iranian government knows the JCPOA requires verification requirements that violating would re-impose the sanctions.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blocked his Parliament from approving the agreement.  He said if his legislature voted to approve the deal, he would be obligated to sign the agreement.  This would obligate Iran to the provisions of the JCPOA.

President Obama manipulated the approval process in the United States that had Congress vote to disapprove the agreement rather than approve the agreement.  This was a backhanded way of having the JCPOA approved while the majority of Congress voting not to approve the agreement.

The President considers this one of the crowning moments of his administration.  Under the terms of the agreement, Iran will be free to develop a nuclear weapon in twenty years.  Iran is already developing a missile capable of hitting the United States.  They have the capability to strike targets in Israel today.

Iran is allowed to continue to develop nuclear material capable of being used in weapons.  The agreement forces Iran to slow down their nuclear making capacity, but they will continue to move forward, just at a slower pace.

Iran continues their chants of “death to America,” and “death to Israel.”  The Iranian government whipped up their citizenry with these chants all through the negotiations.  Upon the conclusion of the talks, Iran claimed they won.  Iran said they gave up nothing and received everything they wanted from the west in the negotiations.

Some of the side deals reached with the United Nations Atomic Energy Agency was that certain Iranian facilities would be off-limits to inspection.  Iran would decide which facilities could be inspected.  Another side agreement said no United States personnel  would be permitted inside Iran.

All sanctions against Iran would be lifted.  All Iranian funds in international accounts will be freed.  If sanctions are later imposed again, these funds will already be back in Iranian hands.

The four Americans who are in Iranian prisons will continue to be held.  There was no attempt to free them as part of the negotiations.  The more we learn about the so called treaty, the worse it looks.


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