ferris-the-first-thanksgiving-1600x1025[1]Thanksgiving (thanks’giv’in) a formal, often public, expression of thanks to God in the form of prayer, etc. (Webster’s New World College Dictionary Fourth Edition)

As our nation takes a break from the problems of the world for a day of Thanksgiving, it is time to reflect on our present, past and future.

The original Pilgrims spent a day in the fall, after the harvest of their first season of farming, celebrating their good fortune.  These men, women and children spent the season toiling in their labor clearing the fields, planting the seeds, weeding the crops and collecting the harvest.  They knew they needed to collect their harvest in anticipation of the expected harsh winter to come.  But this was a day of celebration.  The Pilgrims were probably very tired from their labors.

They could have never survived without the help of the natives in their new land.  The Indians taught them what crops would successfully grow, what animals were good to eat, and how to use the other natural resources.  The Pilgrims taught the Indians the engineering techniques to make life easier.  They brought techniques to move and store water, making the Indians more mobile.

The Pilgrims celebrated their successful harvest.  They gave thanks to God for their bounty.  Their new friends were invited to share this special event with them.

Today, Thanksgiving is still a special day.  It has not been commercialized like Christmas, but is a day of family, friends and loved ones joining together to celebrate a meal and the love that is felt by all gathered.  We share a meal, usually watch football and enjoy each other.  Thanksgiving is the celebration of the end of the fall season and the beginning of winter.  On this one day, we relax with friends and family, to enjoy what God has provided for us.  It is one day when the worlds problems are put on hold.  We can all deal with them tomorrow, but today we will just enjoy each other.

Our future Thanksgivings will depend on what we do in the present.  Our great nation may not be here for future generations to enjoy.  The outside threats to our existence has never been greater.  ISIS, al Qaeda, those pouring into our country from the south, want America to change to their beliefs and customs.  If, as a country, we abandon the core culture of our forefathers, America will become a shell of what we once were.

We also have inside threats that could affect future Thanksgivings.  There is a drive to make America an atheist country.  Those who want all reference to God or a supreme being to be stricken from our existence.  They have succeeded in the courts to remove all reference of God in the public square.  The courts have ruled the only religion protected under our Constitution is Atheistism.

Our education system has removed all reference to God from their teachings.  The beliefs of the founding fathers has been removed from the curriculum.  The purpose of the “Freedom of Religion” clause of our Constitution was meant to restrict the Federal or State governments from ESTABLISHING a state religion.  All those who live here were to be free to practice any religion they choose.  Those beliefs and philosophies have been stricken from our educational system.

After a few generations of students, the taught history of our countries founding will be changed, not the history, but the taught history.  What will Thanksgiving mean to the country then?



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