France%20Paris%20Shooting%20(8)[1]Look, the world is at war.  Not just a war, but a world war.  ISIS, ISIL, al Qaeda or Daesh, it really doesn’t matter what you call them, the radical Muslim groups are at war against the world.  They will keep coming until they win.  Until the rest of the world converts or dies, these ideological warriors will continue the fight until they conquer the rest.

The battle started in the Middle East and has spread to Africa.  The U.S. homeland was attacked in 2001.  Europe has had small attacks over the years.  Now Europe has been hit full force.  The radicals have been quick to claim credit for the six coordinated attacks in Paris and it’s neighborhoods.  They are putting us all on notice that they are coming.  They want to disrupt our way of life.  Their goal is to have us worry about them from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night.

There are several things we can do to fight this virus.  The world needs a moral leader to lead this fight.  Russia is discounted because they do not have the moral compass to lead.  Once Russia controls the Middle East oil, they will not spend the capital needed to eradicate the ISIS disease.  That leaves the United States.  the U.S. has cut its defense budget for six years in a row.  The increase for this year is so small in comparison to the cuts it is insignificant.  So, the U.S. must rebuild our military to a point where we can win a war again.  This will take several years.

Next, we need a leader who is willing to join the battle against those who are trying to kill us.  We currently do not have that leader.  Firing a 7 million dollar missile and blowing up a car and killing a high level target is not going to win a war.  We need a leader who will commit the ground troops, properly supplied, with the support necessary backing them up to win.

We also need a leader who will explain what we need to do to the American people.  Americans will follow the President if he makes his case with them.  Building support at home is just as important as supplying the troops.

Our Muslim friends need to step up and vocally take a stand against the radicals.  If the Muslim population truly want to assimilate into this country, then they need to stand up and report those who are radicalized.  They can no longer be quiet when they meet those who want to end our way of life.

We also need to take the steps necessary to secure our border.  The trails leading from the southern border are littered with Muslim artifacts that have been left by the illegals who have entered our country.  Because they entered illegally, there is no knowledge of where they are or how many have entered.  Our border needs to be sealed to stop this inflow.

Political correctness must end in America.  Because we can no longer offend anyone, we do not report any suspicious activity.  This needs to change.  We are about to enter a war, and it just might be fought on our soil.  We need all the help we can get in identifying our enemies.

Because this war is coming, and coming soon, Americans need to prepare themselves for the battle.  More Americans need to be trained in weapons.  Many more Americans need to licensed to carry weapons.  The concealed carry permit laws should be exercised by more Americans.  When a mass murder attempt happens at a theater of shopping mall, American citizens should be ready to end the threat before there is so much loss of life.  Just the threat of an unknown response from a passerby might stop an attempted attack.


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