GTY_gop_debate_all_candidates_jef_151028_16x9_992[1]The third Republican debate was moderated and carried by one of the little watched NBC cable stations.  The subject of the evening was the economy.

There seemed to be little interest in that subject from the panel of moderators supplied by NBC.  I must admit I was not familiar with the moderators.  After watching their performance, I am unlikely to watch their work again.

The purpose of debates is to show the difference between the candidates on policies, personalities, and philosophies.  Debates are held to educate the electorate about the men and women who want to lead this nation.  A successful debate will leave the viewer better informed about the candidates positions on the important issues of the day.

Not only did CNBC fail in that objective, the moderators kept stepping on each other, interrupting each other and interrupting the candidates as they tried to answer the questions.  It seemed the moderators wanted to be on the stage because they kept interrupting the candidates to argue with the candidates answers.

The moderators constantly insulted the candidates with their questions, and insulted the GOP in general.  It was such a contrast with the Democrat debate last week.  With the Democrats, it was so much more civil, so much more supportive of the Democrat positions.  They created a cloud of superiority that the Dems were so lofty and above everyone else.  I am sure the moderators will go back to their private clubs and tell each other how wonderful they are.  They are so smug and surround themselves only with people who agree with them, so they may never know how poorly they did.  Cruz said just once he would like to be questioned by someone who would actually vote for a Republican.

The moderators, whom I refuse to name, or giving them any exposure, deserve to work for a seldom watched cable station.  Their boss, NBC should be permanently barred from ever doing another event hosted by the GOP.  Republicans should not allow any campaign money to flow to NBC coffers.  NBC should be removed from all Republican campaign press pools.  The GOP candidates do not receive fair treatment in reporting anyway, so removing them from the reporter pools will probable help the GOP.

The first two debates, moderated by FOX News and CNN, were both failures in disseminating information.  This debate was so far below the first two that these moderators should never do a debate again.  Actually, the RNC (Republican National Committee) should be ashamed of the debates held so far.  Just stopping NBC and their affiliates from hosting further debates by the GOP really isn’t enough.  This debate never should have been allowed to happen in the first place.

For the actual debate itself, the candidates all seemed to do a great job.  They refused to allow the moderators to create the sound bites they so desperately wanted.  The candidates twisted the moderators questions to actual issues facing the country today.  The candidates refused to criticize each other to give this minor network tape to promote themselves.

It is very difficult to pick a winner or loser.  Several of the “establishment” candidates had strong showings.  To be honest, they needed a good day to be able to stay in the race.  Once the candidates took control of the evening, policies actually started to flow from the participants.  Those discussions were very informative for the viewer.

If there was a loser among the candidates, it had to be Jeb Bush.  His inability to rally any enthusiasm must be maddening for his supporters.  I don’t think he gained any new supporters with his performance.  Unless Bush makes major changes in his campaign style, he will be gone from the race by next March.

This debate was an us vs. them evening.  The candidate frustration has been building for some time.  It isn’t just the various debates, but the constant media campaign to distort and twist the candidate’s message to the voters.  The media refrains from showing good candidate outings on the campaign trail.  The media bias is a daily fact of life for the candidates.  It has now reached a point where the candidates have stopped the forced smiles and are fighting back.  It’s about time!


2 responses to “GOP VS MEDIA

  1. I have to admit I didn’t’ watch the debate from start to finish. However, I did watch highlights and many of the questions including those the candidates had issues with. My first thought was this a coordinated and predetermined strategy by all the candidates to avoid answering questions. It seemed a strategy to attack the questioner while avoiding the question altogether. It reminded me of Sarah Palin declaring a question about what newspapers and books she read to stay informed about current events was a “trick question”. Ted Cruz suggested all future debates be moderated by Rush Limbaugh. If these guys can’t answer questions from media moderators, how can they handle negotiations with Russia and China?

    • Brian, Let us take a look at the questions asked. Asking someone if they are a clown. Asking another if they are financially responsible enough to be President because they bought a boat on credit. The American people want to know about their policies, which wasn’t asked at all. It was as thought the purpose was to stop the viewers from learning anything about what the policies of the candidates were.

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