c19001014d91945d79bb398f2e9e5bce99359bbb14eff33313d3d408897b3721_large[1]Am I the only one who thinks America has radically changed?  Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad thing?  Am I the only one who thinks America is becoming a third world country?

This 239 year experiment in democracy is ending.  No one seems alarmed or to care.  Last year, John Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner testified to Congress that he did not know who he appointed to run the investigation of Lois Lerner.  Lerner, as you may recall, had been charged by Congress with contempt.  It was later revealed by documents that surfaced that Lerner committed perjury when she told Congress she had done nothing wrong.  Now, the Justice Department has ended its investigation without ever doing an investigation.

The Internal Revenue Service has been active in supporting the President and his party.  They have unleashed their auditors on political opponents of the Democrats.  They have refused to grant tax exempt status to groups opposed to the President.  They communicated often with people in the White House to further their political gains.

The Justice Department, which refused to prosecute Lerner, has been actively involved in politics since President Obama first took office in 2009.  In that election where America elected its first black President, the New Black Panther Party intimidated people not to vote in several Republican leaning precincts to suppress the vote in Philadelphia, PA.  The Justice Department, under the direction of Eric Holder, investigated and declined to prosecute.  They decided that the black group, carrying clubs and exercising their free speech rights did nothing wrong.  Intimidating political opponents during elections is now standard operating procedures by the party who controls the White House and the Executive Branch agencies.

Religion has been removed from government.  There has been endless attempts to remove religion from daily life altogether.  Atheists have been successful in removing religion from our courthouses, and all governmental buildings.  What has happened is the Atheists have gotten their religion to be prominent over all other religions.  The lack of God in our daily lives goes against the founding of the nation.

The Administration changed the purpose of certain government agencies to fit their own agenda.  NASA is the perfect example.  Their purpose was shifted from space exploration to teaching Muslims their value to society in areas of math and science.  Congress didn’t vote on this, Obama just did it.

The Department of Homeland Security has just introduced a new program to award businesses bonuses for hiring college graduate aliens over native-born citizens.  The program allows the employer to escape paying payroll taxes for the alien employee, giving the employer a $12,000 incentive to hire the alien over a native-born citizen.  This further squeezes the citizen college grad whose employment prospects have been lean at best.

When “Fast and Furious” happened early in Obama’s first term, the Justice Department found nothing wrong.  Even after the guns sold to the Mexican drug lords were identified as being used to commit murders and used in other crimes in the United States.

The Administration promoted an open border policy.  Congress refused to give Obama what he wanted.  Obama just ignored the laws and did what he wanted.  The Administration refused to follow the laws of the land.  As illegals were arrested for crimes like murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, repeated DUI’s, assaults, the Administration released them to commit more crimes.

The Obama Administration has done all it can to break down society as we know it.  The President held a “beer summit” to chastise a police officer from stopping a man from breaking a window and attempting to enter a house at 3 AM.  The President supported the “Occupy Wall Street” movement which pitted those who work to those who gain benefits from those who work.  The President promoted conflict between the races.  Obama supports the “Black Lives Matter” crusade to destroy the authority of police in our neighborhoods.

The President has promoted conflict between the rich and poor, police and citizens, old vs. young, black vs. white, citizen and illegal, and Christian vs. everyone else.   This breakdown of society is necessary for democracy to finally end.

Obama has ignored the Constitution, specifically Article 1, which spells out the powers of the Congress, and Article 2 which limits the powers of the President.  The Bill of Rights is also under assault.  Free speech is now only practiced by those who agree with the Administration’s positions.  Let a conservative try to speak on a public university campus about climate control or the environment and you will see what I mean.  The President signed a United Nations Small Arms Treaty on behalf of the United States that outlawed weapons owned by citizens.  Obama did this even though Congress has never approved this treaty and it is in direct conflict with the Constitution which Obama swore to uphold and defend.

Our form of government is disappearing.  When the government refuses to be bound by our founding documents, when our government promotes discord between the citizens, when our laws are deliberately being ignored, our society breaks down.  Whatever replaces it will be far inferior to what we once had.


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