90[1]Hillary Clinton withstood 11 plus hours of questioning about Benghazi and related information.  Although she created some problems for herself among Republicans, she only gained support among the voters.

Clinton admitted under oath that she sent an email to foreign governments and her family saying the attack was from an al Qaeda like group.  This was only a few hours after the attack.  It was also at the same time that the attack was blamed on a video.  Knowing who was responsible for the attack, Clinton stayed quiet while Susan Rice appeared on all the Sunday morning shows blaming the video for the uprising.

So far, the recovered documents show there was very little correspondence during 2012 compared to 2011.  In fact, we are led to believe that communication about Benghazi dropped by 2/3 in one year.  If Hillary’s scrubbed server offers up emails that were deliberately hidden from the Congress, then things would change.

It is rather disappointing that the Democrats on the Committee refused to take part in the inquiry.  During the Nixon Watergate scandal, and the Reagan Iran Contra scandal, Republicans took part in the questioning to reach the truth.  Not so with todays Democrats.  The minority on the panel spent their allotted time giving speeches about the cost of the inquiry, and how it was a personal attack against the Democrat frontrunner for President.  It is the first time Democrats have been worried about costs of anything since Obama became President.  Costs usually only matter if there is a Republican in the White House.  But O.K., I will admit the panel spent almost as much as Obama has spent on golf since entering the White House.

Hillary Clinton was given leeway to expand her answers as she chose.  Each member of the Committee was given 10 minutes to question Clinton, and there would be four rounds of questioning.  Clinton was able to get through the Republican questioners with maybe three questions each because they allowed her to ramble so long answering each question.  The Democrat members gave speeches that required Hillary to say very little.

The emails showed there were 600 requests for increasing the security for Benghazi.  according to Clinton, none of these requests were brought to her attention.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who supposedly was a friend of Clintons, apparently did not have Hillary’s private email address.  His requests for more security apparently went through others.

Clinton went home during the attack.  She talked to the President once that evening, around 10 P.M.  Obama went upstairs for the evening early as he had to travel to Las Vegas for a fundraiser the next day.  The night of the attack was handled by others.  Hillary had no communication with the Department of Defense or the Central Intelligence Agency.  All of this was known before the hearing.  There was really very little new information developed from the hearing.

At the end of a very long day, I have concluded that Hillary survived the inquiry very well.  Because she was given the freedom to expand her answers, she came off as being informed, a quick thinker, and very Presidential.  She helped her campaign immensely.  I think many of the Democrats who have left her may come back to give their support.

The Committee covered a lot of ground in the 11 plus hours, and there are many more witnesses to come.  There are several more rounds of email releases to come.  And of course, there still is that scrubbed server out there.


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