Bashar-Al-Assad_13-12[1]As usual, the Middle East is in a mess as we continue to look for our next Commander in Chief.  The future leader of the nation must address this issue.  America deserves to know what their policy is toward this troubled region.

Obama has declared he will leave 5,000 troops in Afghanistan at the end of his term to add stability to the country.  My question is if we are losing ground and influence with 10,000 troops in the country, how will a force of 5,000 be effective?  A group that small will probably spend most of their assets and time just defending themselves.  The next administration will probably be forced to either fortify that position or leave.

Iran has joined up with Russia in attacking the enemies of Bashar Assad in Syria.  They claim they are attacking ISIS, but they have seemed to have missed those targets.  Now there are reports that this group is being joined by our new “best friend” Cuba.  The Castro brothers have reportedly sent ground troops to join in the fighting against our allies in the region.

Israel has been attacked by the Palestinians with a series of small, independent knife attacks.  This has been followed by attacks with guns, autos, rocks or any other weapon that can be used.  This leaking faucet philosophy is proving to be very successful in disrupting normal Israeli life.  The Palestinians will never stop their attacks against Israel until the Jewish nation ceases to exist.  No amount of negotiation, no amount of compromises by Israel will change the hearts of this nomadic group.  Most of the Palestinians are Sunni Muslims with a small number of various Christian denominations.

The various candidates, from both sides of the isle, have varying positions on the Middle East, and foreign policy in general.

Hillary, in her early days in the U.S. Senate, made a very impassioned speech on the Senate floor on how she saw the classified intelligence on the weapons of mass destruction held by the Iraqi government during her husbands term in office.  Clinton helped steer the vote to support the Bush Administration in it’s quest to invade Iraq.  Over the years, Clinton has tried to rewrite this history.

Joe Biden has a history of not trusting the military.  It has been reported Biden has the President’s ear and has getting him to half step all the military plans in the various war zones.  Biden argues for the President to cut back when the military wants to expand the operations and actually start defeating the enemy.  Obama compromises by only giving the military half of what they actually need.

On the Republican side, Trump’s position is troublesome.  Sir Donald would leave the area to the Russians and would end our influence in the area.  He thinks making America energy independent will end the problem.  Giving ISIS control of oil and gas, giving them that wealth, and giving them land to establish training camps does not seem to bother the Republican candidate.  Trump would rebuild the military to it’s former glory.  Like Reagan, he hopes to never need to use this military might.

One thing is for sure.  The Middle East is in much worse shape today than it was in 2009 when the Obama Administration took office.


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