151016_wnn_rewind_pic[1]The Democrats finally took the stage for their first debate.  CNN hosted the event in Las Vegas.  What a change from the Republican debate CNN hosted last month.

In the Republican debate CNN pitted one candidate against another all night.  They refused to allow any of the candidates to speak about any issues.  In other words, CNN refused to allow any candidates to show the American people why they should be supported.  Even after several of the candidates complained to the moderators, CNN continued their tactic.  The Democrat debate, by contrast, was all about issues, and virtually nothing was about personalities.  The evening was much more informative for the television viewer.

The debate itself was loaded with new spending proposals.  One of the TV talking heads stated that Bernie Sanders proposals called for new spending that equals the entire National Debt of the country, or 18 trillion dollars over ten years.  Talk about trying to buy votes!  That might work with the Democrats but will surely fail with the public at large.

The candidates were all very nice.  They were so nice and so non confrontational that they don’t deserve space in this writing, and I won’t give them any.  It’s as if those bottom three were auditioning for a spot in the Clinton Cabinet instead of running for the top job.

Bernie Sanders saved  Hillary Clinton from discussing her email problem.  For the rest of the Primary season, Clinton will get a free pass on the subject.  This will prove to hurt Hillary if she does get the Democrat nomination.  The Republicans will hit her hard over the email situation, and at that time Clinton will be unvetted on the issue.  If the candidates explored the issue during the primaries, her claims that the story had been fully covered and was now an old story would be true.

One of the biggest stories of the night was the empty podium that was available for the absent Vice President, Joe Biden.  Rumors are flying around Washington that Joe will soon be entering the race.  There is speculation that Biden would not enter the race if Hillary was not in legal trouble over the email issue.  Biden would not enter and fight Hillary for the nomination if she was to run at full strength.  Only a future (but soon) indictment of Hillary would open the door for Biden to run and capture the nomination.  His decision is expected soon, and will surely be based on inside information about Hillary’s legal status.  I STILL BELIEVE THAT HILLARY WILL NOT BE THE NOMINEE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Clinton did much better than the other candidates during the debate.  She was the only candidate with foreign affairs experience and her positions on foreign policy went completely unchallenged by her opponents.  The only other candidate with any spark of life was Bernie Sanders.  Sanders was trying to protect his position to the left of Clinton.  Clinton supported and protected the Obama Administration actions wherever she could to eliminate the space Biden needs to enter.  At the same time, Hillary moved left on climate change, Keystone Pipeline to try to enter Sanders’ territory.

At the end of the night, as the dust settled, no real movement happened among the candidates.  Hillary will still hold a lead after the first few states and Sanders will nip at her tail.  The rest will stay where they are, nowhere.


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