Needreas[2]Let’s face it.  Emails might be the downfall of the Obama Administration on several fronts.  First, we had Hillary with the Benghazi disaster.  Then we had Hillary with all the hidden emails and her server.  Now we have Lois Lerner using a private email account for her IRS activities.

Lerner was charged with Contempt of Congress.  The Attorney General is charged with the responsibility of prosecuting the charges for the United States.  To date, the Justice Department has not released any information on their investigation.  There has been a direct link between the IRS and the White House.  If Lerner actually testified, it is suspected she could implicate the upper levels of the Administration.  Several months ago it was stated under Congressional testimony that no one had been assigned to do the investigation.  Lerner, using an outside email service for IRS work is a felony.  I guess this falls under the Attorney General also.

Clinton’s problems grew over the past few days when the FBI investigators stated they have recovered emails deleted from her server.  On the Friday afternoon information dump, it was reported by the FBI that 900 newly found emails were turned over to the committee investigating the Benghazi attack.  It was also reported that Hillary’s server had been breached by outsiders.  Because it was not protected by the government, it was much easier to be compromised, and it was.  Supposedly, they are in the process of going through the material and separating work from non work emails.  Hillary has claimed in the past that she did not delete any work related material until after it was printed for the State Department.  Take her word for it.  They have already found classified material in the emails Hillary has released.  With classified material found on her server, and evidence that foreign governments have accessed her server, several felonies have been committed.

Hillary keeps claiming she has done all she can to help the investigators clear this up.  Let us take a look at how she complied.  First, she kept quiet about having a private server.  As Congress demanded all emails relating to Benghazi, Hillary kept quiet, knowing full well that she had information relating to their investigation.  Second, when it was discovered Hillary had this information, she printed out what she thought should be released and then deleted everything.  She handed over stacks of papers.  There was no way to do a digital search for information because Hillary destroyed the digital format.  This required people to read each and every piece of paper.  With 30,000 emails released, I would suspect that it would take over 1,000 hours to go through the material.  This was done by Hillary by design.  She wants to make this as difficult as possible.

Here’s the thing.  Hillary claims that she never received or sent classified material.  It makes me wonder how she could do her job if she never handled classified material.  Former officials have said that incoming personnel are taught how to determine what is classified and what is not before they begin work.  What is stamped on a document is not relevant as to whether it is classified or not.

Another point, and one I have not seen anywhere, is that Hillary’s system was outside of government control.  With no one from the government being able to see any of the material, how could it possible be marked classified?  No one was able to see it to make that determination.  Hillary may have had that responsibility, but chose not to make that judgment.  If her emails went through the government system, then they would have been properly classified and marked from the beginning.

It is time for an Independent Investigator, or Special Prosecutor to be named to clear up all questions relating to emails in this Administration.


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