John+Boehner+John+Boehner+Holds+Weekly+Press+5hxO4DIzkEvl[1]John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced his resignation from the Chair of Speaker of the House of Representatives and the House itself.  Weepie John, a member of the House for 25 years will resign effective October 31, 2015.  Boehner’s resignation is not a surprise, no matter what the TV talking heads say.

John Boehner came to Washington with the off-year election class of 1990.  He worked hard and was a good soldier for the GOP.  He rose through the ranks and leadership by doing the mundane things that the leadership needed.  He deserved his success.

Once becoming Speaker, he seemed to lose his nerve.  It seemed he always played it safe rather than fight for his beliefs.  Not only did this stop the Republicans from being effective, it caused dissention among the folks back home.

Enter Mark Meadows, a two term Republican from North Carolina’s 11th District.  Meadows came to Washington to make a difference.  He campaigned on the need for the Republicans to control Congress to stop the Obama machine from enacting all the liberal policies that America is so opposed to.

Meadows opposed a trade deal that leadership was pushing through the House.  Boehner, to teach the young upstart a lesson, stripped Meadows a subcommittee chairmanship.  Committee assignments are the lifeblood of a members career.  Campaign funds come from those effected by the committees work.  There was such an uproar by the rank and file about Boehner’s action, he was reinstated.

Meadows, after talking with members, introduced a bill in the House declaring the Speaker’s chair vacant.  If voted on and passed, Boehner would be stripped of his Speakership.  The Speaker, who schedules the business before the House, buried the bill.  Later he decided to bring the bill up for a vote to consolidate his power, and eliminate Meadows and his supporters once and for all.  The Republican leadership team went to the Speaker to tell him he did not have the numbers to win the fight.  Boehner kept the Meadow’s bill buried in committee.

Meadows then reintroduced the bill again as “Privileged.”  This means it goes directly to the floor of the House for a vote.  Boehner would probably be removed as Speaker within the next few weeks.

Meadows ran for Congress promising to change Washington.  He said if he was elected he would change ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act.  Boehner and the rest of the leadership stopped that effort.  Meadows and the other upstarts opposed the Pacific Trade Treaty.  Leadership was in favor and pushed it through.  The upstarts opposed the Iranian Nuclear Agreement.  Leadership opposed any effort to stop the agreement.  They would rather have Iran get nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver the weapons to America’s shores, but possibly defeat Democrats who voted for it.

These are not the reasons Meadows ran for office.  The young guns might not actually win.  There are reports that the “establishment Republicans” have been talking to the Democrats to make sure the conservatives do not elect one of their own as the new Speaker.  The Democrats have praised Boehner as a level-headed leader who was able to compromise across the aisle to accomplish good legislation.  But what have the Republicans gotten from the supposed “compromises?”  The GOP has been run over by the Democrats.  Let’s see what things look like around Christmas.


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