today1[1]The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty was passed by the General Assembly earlier this year.  The treaty has not been forwarded to Congress for approval.  Congress has on two different occasions voted to reject the treaty with bipartisan support for the rejection.  President Obama went to the U.N. and voted to ratify the treaty without Congressional approval.

There was a conference held in Cancun, Mexico that was attended by an Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Countryman.  Countryman issued an opening statement that said, “We are here to take foundational decisions to operationalize this treaty, to turn it from mere words on the page into a reality that makes a difference around the world.  We are here to breathe life into this Treaty by standing up to its international operation.  It is a tool we can use energetically and efficiently.”

This treaty has been in the works since Obama was first elected.  The proposed treaty has been raised several times in the past but floundered because prior Administrations, from both political parties, stated the United States could not enter such a treaty because our Constitution prohibits the restriction of gun ownership by our citizens.  Obama signaled that he found no such restriction a problem.  Secretary of State Clinton’s office was instrumental in the drafting of the Treaty.

There are many parts of this Treaty that are unconstitutional.

Article 2 states that the right to own, purchase, sell, or transfer weapons of any kink will be denied to average citizens.

Article 3 bans ammunition that can be used in these weapons.

Article 4 bans gun parts, making it much harder for citizens to build their own weapons.

Article 12 states that countries must keep a record of all firearm owners for at least 10 years, and make that list available to the United Nations.

The Obama Administration voted to ratify this Treaty in the United Nations.  The fact that Congress has refused to ratify the treaty and that the treaty is unconstitutional is of little concern of the President.  The United States government is going forward with this treaty and is sending government officials to help move this treaty forward.  They are spending tax money to assist the United Nations in implementing this agreement.

The Administration will later claim this is a United Nations action, and as such, the United States, as a member of the world community, are forced to accept this Treaty.  We know better.

President Obama, on two different occasions, took the Oath of Office.  Each time he swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the nations laws.  Although he has broken that oath many times in the past six and a half years, this time Congress needs to step up and fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities.  Congress should refuse to recognize this Treaty and demand Obama and his henchmen stop implementation immediately.  Congress should also refuse to allow any tax money to be spent on any activity relating to this Treaty.  No more trips to Cancun or any other exotic location for conferences.  No money spent on State Department personnel doing the setup work implementing this legislation.


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