mideast-iran-nuclear[1]Did the Obama Administration really enter a deal with Iran that guarantees Iran will develop a nuclear weapon?  Did Obama enter a deal with Iran that allows Iran to get all their funds around the world released to them so they can continue to support terrorist movements throughout the Middle East and beyond?  Did the Administration really enter into a treaty that allows Iran to continue developing intercontinental ballistic missiles?

The President claims the treaty is not a treaty so Congressional treaty approval is not necessary.  Seems the Administration is rewriting the Constitution again.  Worse, leaders in Congress are allowing him to do so.

The Obama Administration has been siding with Muslims over democracies since he first was elected to office.  We can start with the poor relations with Israel.  Benjamin Netanyahu never had a good relationship with the young President.  Obama later undercut Israel when he released Netanyahu’s plan to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.  Israel needed approval from Obama because they needed to fly through airspace controlled by the U.S. and their need for refueling.  Obama refused and made their plans public so the element of surprise was lost.  That could have ended the Iranian problem for a decade or more.

With the release of billions of dollars that have been frozen by foreign governments, and the lifting of sanctions placed on Iran, Russia has entered into contracts with Iran to supply them with state of the art defensive systems that will stop any future attack on their nuclear facilities.  Iran will also open their oil sales now that the sanctions will be lifted.  Claims against Iran by Americans held captive in that country during the late 1970’s have never been paid.  Now that the money will be given back to Iran, these claims will never be satisfied.

Part of the agreement has the United States protecting Iran from attacks on their nuclear facilities.  This is a direct slap at Israel and other moderate Arab states like Jordan and Saudi Arabia who are fearful of Iran and what this treaty allows.  Many Middle East countries are now seeking nuclear weapons of their own for protection.

The IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, run by the United Nations made several side agreements with Iran that Obama has kept away from Congress.  The inspection teams will not have any Americans.  Certain military facilities will not be inspected.  Other military sites will be self inspected by the Iranians.

Apparently, the Obama Administration made overtures with Iran about reopening our embassy.  Iran will not permit any Americans on Iranian soil.  Iran still leads chants of “Death to America” at every opportunity.  The Iranian’s also brag that they got everything they wanted from the Americans, sanctions lifted, funds returned, no stoppage of nuclear development, and no stoppage of missile development.  Iran brags that their preparation for the destruction of Israel continues without interruption.

The United States got nothing from the Iranians.  There are Americans being held by the Iranians and Secretary of State Kerry said raising the issue of their release might scuttle the talks.  Obama’s more interested in giving Iran everything they want and doesn’t even attempt to free the Americans.

Instead of waiting for Congressional approval, Obama went to the United Nations and voted to ratify the treaty.  Obama doesn’t call this a treaty.  He calls this an Executive Agreement.  Under the rules the Congressional leaders set up, Congress has to vote 2/3 against the agreement to stop the U.S. from recognizing it.  Some of the Republican Presidential candidates say this is a treaty, and will test this in the courts.  Congress has failed to reach 2/3 disapproval so the treaty will move forward.  The foolish Republicans plan to hold the Democrats who voted with the Administration responsible for their vote.  They (Republicans) think having Democrats potentially lose their seats in Congress is more important than allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles capable of hitting the United States.

Obama has decided his legacy is tied to this agreement.  Especially if Iran can not get their nuclear bomb until after he leaves office at the end of 2016.


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