11988461_10204600612086311_3231032313348778872_n[1]14 years ago this date America suffered one of the worst days in its history.  America was changed for all time.  On that day America lost its innocence and its ignorance.  It wasn’t just a couple of planes crashing into buildings in Manhattan, Washington and a field in Pennsylvania.

We learned funny names of people who were at war with us.  We started hearing names of countries that we never paid any attention to.  A part of the world that we thought sold us oil for highly inflated prices suddenly became dinner table talk.  Americans became sober about the world around us.

Osama bin Laden, the wealthy Saudi Arabian, has been killed.  But his network continues to fight America.

I take strong objection to the lack of freedom my children will experience.  They will never enjoy the free mobility that their parents grew up with.  Our innocence lasted much later in life than our kids ever knew about.

Here we are 14 years later.  Our enemies are stronger, more vocal, and spitting hate toward America and the western world.  They have won the war with America, just like the Vietnamese did thirty years before.  The one major difference is the Viet Nam war ended, this one hasn’t because we are still standing.

Our current President is a coward who will not fight for America.  He believes America is evil and wrong.  He apologizes constantly for America’s handling of foreign and domestic affairs to our allies and enemies alike.  President Obama has withdrawn American influence from the world.  Our military has been brought home.

The group that attacked us on 9/11, al Qaeda,  has changed into another group, ISIS or the Islamic State, that is far more dangerous than the original group.  For the first time in our history as a nation, Americans are not free to roam the world.  ISIS has challenged its followers to kill Americans where ever they are to be found.

ISIS, or Daesh as they are called in the Middle East, have taken portions of 7 countries in the Middle East.  They threaten most of the other countries in the region.  The U.S. has taken only toke action against them, and ISIS continues to expand on a daily basis.  The Obama Administration seems content to leave the problem to the next Administration (not on his watch).

It has been reported that fifty (that’s 50) analysts who develop intelligence on the Middle East have had their reports changed to make it appear ISIS is weaker and our bombings are more successful than they actually are.  This is another example of  politicians changing words. thinking that will change reality.  All it really does is make us more unprepared to fight our enemy.  It is unclear at this time if this was done by order of the President or by those at the top of the intelligence community.  The analysts felt the need to go public after their internal complaints were ignored.

Three years ago this date, September 11,2012, another attack happened against the United States in Benghazi, Libya.  Our mission there was attacked and burned.  Four Americans lost their lives that day including our Ambassador, Chris Stevens.  For some reason, the Obama Administration immediately made up false stories as to the cause of the attack.  Investigations by Congress have been stymied by the Administration.  Congress is trying to make sure an attack like this never happens again.

14 years is a long time to Americans.  We forget what that day was like.  We all know people or know of people who perished during that terror.  We seem to forget the anger America felt that day.  Now there are people who even question our response to the terror we all felt.  Our former leaders are faulted for responding to the 3,000 plus whose lives were ended by the terrorists on American soil.

In 2008, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were winding down with success for American troops in both contests.  We left early from both countries and allowed a vacuum to develop in each state.  ISIS rose from the ashes and filled the void left from the American withdrawal.  Instead of fighting and ending ISIS when they first appeared, America withdrew and scurried home.  Not only did we show the world we would not fight the upstarts, we showed all the countries of the Middle East we would no longer defend them or fight.

America’s withdrawal from the world has left an opening for countries like Russia to fill the void.  Russia has become the new world leader.


One response to “9-11

  1. Tell us what you really think! I cannot disagree with any of this. Especially with Russia’s actions. It appears that they are doing more everyday to back Assad in Syria while we dither. Heard today that young people in America don’t even know why they attacked us on 911.
    See you next week.

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