Obamaputtputt1_1000[1]Carman keeps calling me to say there is nothing wrong with my credit card.  She says she has an offer for something but this is the last chance to get it, yet I know she will call again tomorrow.

What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?

America should hire Iran to negotiate trade treaties for us.

Hillary Clinton is a finalist for the Lois Lerner Morality Award.

Why do businesses with double glass doors only unlock one, and it’s not the one I always try to open?

Why do I think some idiot sitting in a cubicle in Washington should decide what toilet I buy?

Buy a soldier a meal today.

Political correctness is the most incorrect thing in America today……. well, almost.

God gave Americans a beautiful country.

I waste water by flushing the new water saving toilets three times.

Trump builds a beautiful building, so naturally he would be a great President.

In Obama’s Socialist America, government is the only area growing and expanding.

When given a choice, why do I always pick the slowest line?

Everyone, burn a piece of coal today.

If the stock market was priced right today, prices wouldn’t change tomorrow.

Watching John Kerry negotiate with Iran……. I’d love to sell him a used car.

Do you remember when schools taught American history?

Make friends with a cop today.

John Boehner should retire to a state where he doesn’t need a tanning machine.

All this talk about Ashley Madison.  Seems like a lot of people, both men and women, married the wrong person.

Is the EPA going to fine itself for the chemical spill?

Obama is a coward, and he tries to make America cowardly too.

A friend tells me how great his car manufacturer is, he’s owned 12 of them.  I ask, if they’re so great, how come he had to replace them so often?

“Apache” helicopters and “Tomahawk” missiles are O.K, but Washington “Redskins” has to go.

I wonder if Obama plays golf from the women’s tee.

Mexico is our friend?

Is the Attorney General still investigating Lois Lerner?

I wonder if Carman is hot?

In Obama’s America, the stock market is the only place citizens can safely make money………. maybe.

Notice how all the Republican candidates running for President tell us they are conservative……. until they’re elected.

I hate the curly light bulbs that don’t work worth a damn.

President Obama fixed the Veteran’s Administration, right?

Crime would drop if more Americans were packin’.

Hillary Clinton has as good a chance of being elected President as Iran does of winning the Peace Prize.

It was just released that Lois Lerner (of IRS fame) attended the Clinton Communications Institute, majoring in Phantom E-mail.






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