hillaryclintonfingerpoint[1]I have been saying for a long time that Hillary would not be the Democrat’s nominee for President of the United State.  I have been saying this long before the email stories started.  I thought the Democrat primary voters would reject her just as they did in 2008.  Let’s face it, Hillary is not a very warm, friendly person.  She is not someone women would like to meet for lunch, or catch a movie with.  That is the reason I thought Hillary would not be successful.  The email scandal, and it is a scandal, might be the reason used for her imploding campaign, but people just don’t like her.  The more Hillary interacts with people, the lower she slides in the polls.  Hillary travels the country meeting with selected political insiders, not any average people, so she doesn’t have to answer any questions or interact with normal, average Americans.  The people are getting to a point where they have had enough of her standoffish behavior.

Everything about Hillary is about money.  Money is the driving force that rules her life.  Many people think it is about power, but to the Clintons, power is used to bring them money.

Hillary banked millions on dollars off of her 2008 campaign for President.  This time she will amass much more money than she walked away with last time.

When the Clintons left the White House in 2001, Hillary claimed they were flat broke.  They only made $32 million that year combined.  Americans who are struggling to make their mortgage payments each month working three jobs without benefits do not feel the Clintons “feel their pain.”

In many ways, Bill and Hillary Clinton are perfect for each other.  Both put money above everything else.  There is one major difference between them.  Hillary is mean, cut throat and cruel in the way she treats others.  Bill is much smoother.  Bill will empty your pockets and make you smile when you find out.  They use campaign funds, Presidential libraries, endowments and foundations to line their pockets.  They even bought a house in New York that had a second home on the property.  They then leased the second home to the Secret Service for the cost of the mortgage and operating costs so the home cost the Clintons nothing.  This is the way the Clintons operate.

Hillary’s emails certainly covered these items along with embarrassing information about Benghazi.  Of course she destroyed any evidence of criminal activity.  When she turned over her server on August 12th, it had been professionally scrubbed to erase any possibility of recapturing the information.

Hillary wants America to believe that she had no communication relating to Benghazi during a seven hour period on the evening of the attack.  Think about what this means, if true.  It would mean that the Secretary of State was so poorly thought of that no one thought she was important enough to be brought up to speed.  It would mean the rest of the Administration did not think the Secretary of State had any counsel that was worthy of their time during the crisis.  That’s a pretty poor record to run for President on.  Of course, if she scrubbed the server of any information, then she deliberately destroyed government records that belong to the people of the United States.  You can decide for yourself.

The Obama machine is lining up behind Hillary’s campaign, but it does not have the spirit or enthusiasm  necessary to carry the campaign to success.  Many of the political pros on the Democrat side are starting to look elsewhere for their next candidate.


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