It’s been a while since I have written on the various scandals facing the White 713lerner-1250x650[1].  With the campaign season heating up, and with the world situation being what it is, I wanted to remind everyone at home about the various illegal activities of the Federal Government.  Lets get started.

The scandal involving the IRS continues to fester.  Lois Lerner has been found guilty by the House of Representatives for perjury.  Documents uncovered by investigators prove without a question of doubt that Lerner lied to Congress, under oath, about her knowledge of activities against Tea Party groups.  Some of the uncovered documents that showed her perjury were created by her.  The Justice Department has been doing an investigation for over a year.  To date no agent has been assigned to the case.  The lack of an investigation by the Federal Government is a non filed indictment of the Obama Administration itself.  The latest revelation showed the IRS sent copies of donors  to conservative groups over to the Audit Department of the IRS, the FBI, and the Federal Election Commission, all illegal.  To date, nothing has been proven that the activity was orchestrated by the White House even though the White House met with the IRS people more often than any other department, including State and Defense.  I will write more on the IRS scandal at a later time.

Benghazi still has unanswered questions.  On the night of the attack, President Obama was busy packing for his fundraising trip to Las Vegas the following day.  He reportedly turned in early.  Hillary Clinton, according to the records she released, was kept totally out of the communications loop during the attack.  She had no communications with her staff or anyone else for a period of over 7 hours during the attack.  Why?  Hillary, also according to her records, had no communication relating to Libya or Benghazi for several months surrounding the attack.  We are led to believe that the U.S. State Department had no discussions or communications relating to the incident.  If true, what exactly did Hillary do as Secretary that qualifies her to be President?  The White House sent Susan Hill on all the Sunday morning talk shows to blame a video for the attack and death of 4 Americans, even though it was well-known by all involved that the video had nothing to do with it.  Hillary Clinton testified to Congress and blamed the video for the attack even though she knew it to be false.  A week later, the President of the United States deliberately lied to the United Nations with the same claim.

Hillary Clinton’s released emails show she handled classified documents even though she claimed she received and sent no classified material as Secretary of State for 4 years.  Two independent Inspector Generals have referred the issue to the Justice Department for investigation.  Anything less than a Special Prosecutor would not be accepted by Congress.  The White House has been quiet on the issue.  It is suspected the Obama Administration will treat this scandal just like they have treated the IRS scandal, just ignore it, and bury it in the basement of the Justice Department.

The Affordable Care Act has been given the seal of approval from the United States Supreme Court, twice.  That does not mean the program is without scandal.  The Administration claimed the program would insure millions of low-income people who couldn’t afford coverage before the act went into effect.  It is true many of these people have gotten coverage under the program.  However, millions more have lost their coverage as small businesses have cancelled coverage due to cost.  Many of these people earn too much money to qualify for federal subsidy but not enough to be able to buy the replacement insurance.  It was well-known by the ObamaCare experts who put the program together many of the working poor would lose their coverage, and be forced into the government program that costs more for lower coverage.  All of this was well-known and deliberately withheld from the public.



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