131123225830-iran-agreement-01-horizontal-large-gallery[1]Folks, we haven’t officially talked to the government of Iran since 1978 when the Shaw was overthrown and our embassy was attacked.  From everything I have read, we shouldn’t have started talking to them again now.

Let’s review the current history of negotiations between the United States and our allies, and Iran.  Our President, and I do mean OUR President, told the American people on several occasions that the agreement would stop Iran from making weapon grade nuclear material.  There will be immediate inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites to make sure they are in compliance with the requirements.  The agreement would not remove sanctions unless and until Iran complied with all the requirements of the agreement.  Iran would be required to end their sponsorship of terrorism across the Middle East.  Iran would also stop their development of intercontinental missiles.  If Iran violated any provisions of the agreement, the sanctions that are to be lifted, would immediately snap back into place.

Now let’s look at the actual agreement the United States is pushing for acceptance.  Iran will continue to make weapon grade material, just not as much as they would produce without the agreement.  Iran will have 24 days to allow inspectors to inspect their nuclear sites.  There will be no inspections of Iran’s other military sites.  The sanctions will be lifted, allowing Iran to sell their oil to Europe and China who both are already negotiating trade contracts with the Iranian government.  Europe sees a market for their goods, so the trade agreements will be for 2 way trade.  With the huge influx of cash from the new trade, Iran will be able to step up their terroristic activities and still improve their local economy, if they wish.  The ballistic missiles that Iran is developing are not covered by the agreement.  With the other countries clamoring to enter trade agreements with Iran, the likelihood of sanctions being re-imposed is nil.

Oh, and by the way, The U.S. will immediately release $100 billion in frozen Iranian assets held in the United States.  This item was not given to Congress for approval because it was one of the side agreements negotiated by the White House.  Another side agreement withheld from Congress bans all Americans from taking part in any inspections in Iran.  The inspection teams from the International Atomic Energy Agency is not permitted to have any American participation.

The United States will protect Iran from other countries military actions against the Iranian government.  Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Israel all feel threatened by Iran’s terroristic actions.  The U.S. is committed to protect Iran against our former allies.  Russia has already entered into contracts to supply modern air defense systems to Iran to stop an attack from Israel if one were to occur.

Qassem Suleimani, the head of Quds Force, part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, has been granted amnesty under the agreement.  Suleimani, one of the worlds most highly sought terrorists, is known for developing groups such as Humas and Hizbollah.  He was responsible for equipping and training Shia militias in Southern Iraq.  He taught the Taliban to make roadside bombs in Afghanistan that killed and maimed thousands of U.S. troops and troops of our allies.  This was inserted on page 86 of the Annex of the agreement.  This negotiation was between the White House and the Ayatollahs in Iran.  Our negotiating partners were not included in the discussions and were told by the U.S. delegation to just accept it.

Secretary of State John Kerry, said the negotiation with Iran over four Americans being held by the renegade nation did not take place.  He did not want to give Iran any leverage in the negotiations.  The four Americans are:  Robert Levison, captured in 2007,  is a Private Investigator and retired DEA and FBI employee.  Amir Hekmati, taken in 2011, is a former U.S. Marine.  Saeed Abedini, abducted in 2012, is a Christian Pastor.  Jason Rezaian, went missing in 2014, is a journalist with the Washington Post.  We gave Suleimani amnesty but did not even raise the issue of the four Americans held by the brutal regime.  After all the concessions America gave to the Iranians, what possible leverage could Iran extract from us?

Obama has chosen to take the treaty to the United Nations Security Council, without the approval of the United States Congress.  The Security Council gave unanimous approval.  Even if the Congress refuses to ratify the agreement, it will already be in effect by the rest of the world.  Obama just doesn’t care what our Constitution says.  The U.S. has already voted to approve the treaty on the world stage, and will go into effect no matter what the Congress does.

This treaty is a very one-sided document that benefits Iran, and to a lessor degree our partners.  There is not one item that helps, secures or benefits the United States in any way.  The United States is less secure. The United States must defend a nation that still chants “DEATH TO AMERICA” every day.  The agreement has allowed Iran to have the financial capability to further spread terrorism all across the Middle East, and uses the U.S. as its protector.  Iran made no concessions at all while the U.S. has totally surrendered to everything Iran wanted.


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