rs_560x415-150616092441-1024.Donald-Trump-Runs-President.jl.061615[1]TRUMP, say his name and a bunch of emotions usually follows.  Unless you are one of those who know who Snoopy, or Skoopy, or whatever the reality stars name is and don’t know who the Vice President of the United States is, the Trump name emits a strong reaction.

Donald Trump has turned the Republican Party upside down with his take no prisoners speaking style.  The “establishment” wing of the party will do all they can to make sure Trump falls short of getting the nomination and disappears as soon as possible.  Trump has taken the Republican platform positions from old campaigns and points out all the shortfalls.

The establishment campaigned on defunding ObamaCare, then actually voted to fund it in such a way that it will be with us forever.  The Republican leadership in both houses of Congress actually punished any member who didn’t vote to fund it.  Trump pointed this out.  The establishment members campaigned on finishing the fence on our southern border.  Controlling both houses of Congress, the Republicans have not attempted to do the job.  Trump pointed this out.  The Veterans Administration scandals brought promises from the GOP for reform.  They have held hearings but as soon as the cameras were turned off, the Congress ignored the problem.  Trump pointed this out.  The establishment wants Trump silenced once and for all.  The establishment campaigned against illegal immigration.  Then they refused to stand up to Obama on the issue.  Trump pointed this out.  The establishment campaigned against Obama’s policies in the Middle East, but has done nothing to actually oppose his policies while controlling both houses of Congress.  Trump pointed this out.

There is a small, very solid level of support for a Trump candidacy.  It amounts to 25 – 30% of the Republican electorate.  In a large field of candidates, Donald Trump holds a commanding lead.  As the field dwindles to a few candidates, Trump will remain at 25 – 30%.  70 – 75% of the votes will go to the few remaining candidates.  That is not enough votes for Trump to win the nomination.

Donald Trump electrifies a segment of the population because of his style.  While the other candidates use polling before taking a position on a sensitive subject, Donald Trump does not.  Their speeches are written by “handlers” who avoid anything that is controversial.  They use teleprompters and read what the handlers have written.  They wear ear pieces so they can be told when to stop and take a drink of water for effect, or make a hand gesture.  Trump just gets up and says what he thinks at that second.  He doesn’t use any of the tools or any of the professionals that we see with the other candidates, or if he has them, he has kept them well hidden.

His core group of support love this about him.  However, this is one of the reasons Donald Trump will never get beyond these core numbers of support.  When speaking from the Oval Office as the leader of the free world every word is scrutinized and dissected around the world.  I can not see this man being constrained and having his words controlled by others.


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