40,000 TROOPS

header.active-duty[1]Just a simple number.  One hundred times ten times forty.  Currently we have reduced our military fighting strength by 13.5% from what we had in 2009.  That’s before the new reduction to take place over the next two years.  That’s 40,000 military personnel we are talking about.  We have already reduced our navy to one aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.  When it needs maintenance, we will have none on duty in that part of the world.

America does not have the manpower to fight a ground war in the Middle East to defeat Daesh or ISIS.  We do not have the manpower to defeat the Russians in the Ukraine.  America does not have the manpower to defeat Iran.  Obama is making sure we do not have the ground force to travel anywhere and exert our will.

ISIS continues to take more and more land in the Middle East.  Their numbers continue to grow.  They even recruit new fighters from the United States.  While they grow in numbers we keep cutting our armed forces.

The Obama Administration averages 15 bombing flights a day.  That’s it, just a little more than a dozen a day spread across the entire Middle East.  Obama acts as though we are driving ISIS into oblivion.  ISIS just continues to grow in numbers and continues to take more and more land in the Middle East as time goes on.

Occasionally we do get one of their leaders, but they replace them faster than we kill them.  Sometimes their leadership come up through the ranks and sometimes they come from those we sent back to them from Gitmo.

The Administration is not even attempting to win.  Their goal seems to be to tread water until someone else is sitting in the Oval Office in January of 2017.  Obama, raised as a Muslim, appears to not want to enter this fight against the radicals.

Since the current Administration came to power, Obama has cut the military budget every year.  He has used the savings for domestic welfare programs. And rather than spend the ever decreasing military funds on manpower, Obama would rather spend on military equipment.  This creates campaign funds for the Democratic Party.  He generates the cash for the campaigns and depletes the military manpower at the same time.  His goal is to make sure America will never enter a Middle East war again.  It’s like he is protecting the radicals from American might.  He knows the next President will need to spend years rebuilding our military before it will be a viable force again.  The political pressure to continue the domestic “freebie’s” instead of military spending will retard the next Administration’s ability to rebuild.  That’s the Obama plan.  Make America one nation among many.  No longer a world leader, just one among the crowd.

The Administration has been cutting manpower since entering office.  The cuts have removed the Middle East experienced officers from the armed services.  Targeted for retirement were any officers who did not agree with Obama’s positions on troop strength and his general philosophy on U.S. position in the world.

Reducing this experience at the top will also retard any rebuilding.  We can’t build a force with inexperienced officers training inexperienced troops.  By flushing out the best of the best, we have set back our military for a decade.

The next President, Republican or Democrat, will be faced with a military that is not capable of fighting.  Our only options will be to stand down or go nuclear.  What sort of choice is that?


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