559fef9ea82bc.image[1]I am so tired of politicians telling us what we want to hear to get elected.  Hasn’t America had enough of this crap?  I sure have.  Hillary Clinton has moved left to counter Bernie Sanders.  After the primaries are over, she will move right to increase her chances to win the General Election, according to the media “experts.”  What type of honesty is that?

Everyone is upset with Donald Trump for saying what he believes.  He is refreshingly honest, something most of the rest of the “pack” is lacking.  Trump tells it like he sees it.  Right or wrong, you get what you see.

It is refreshing to have a candidate take positions he actually believes in without doing polls to determine what his position should be according to the experts.  There is a simple answer for Donald Trump: If you like what he says, vote for him, if you don’t like what he says, vote for someone else.  Isn’t that simple?

The media has already started to take sides.  They have played up the fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman, and if elected, would be the first female President.  Yet they totally ignore Carly Fiorina, who is also female and has a better resume of accomplishments than Clinton.  Most voters don’t even know this woman is running because the media has decided Hillary is their candidate.

Trump is mentioned in every discussion of candidates by the media.  They ask each of the other candidates about Trumps comments.  That is the sound bite they use on their broadcasts, not what the candidate has to say about Defense or the economy.

Four years ago, Rick Santorum made comments about social issues.  From that point on, that was all the media reported.  When Santorum made a speech about foreign policy or defense, the questions that followed were about marriage or abortion.  Guess what the nightly story on the news covered?  His other positions were never reported by the media at all, and Santorum was then labeled as a one issue candidate.  The media then painted all the Republican candidates as supporting Santorum’s positions, even though some did not.  Now, the media will try to take Trump’s remarks and attribute them to all the GOP candidates.  The press will ride this till November 2016 because the elites in the media think Trump’s positions will be a loser with the American voters.

This year, the GOP has fielded a wonderful list of candidates.  Each one has a record that is strong enough to earn them the opportunity to work from the Oval Office.  They all show leadership qualities.  They all seem to be ready to do the job.

America will have a difficult time picking just one of these to represent the Republicans in 2016.  Although I am a political junkie, I have not chosen a horse to ride in this race.  There are too many good people running to eliminate all but one at this point.  I have personally rejected a few, but I look forward to all the campaigns during the next fifteen months.


One response to “POLITICIANS

  1. I think the two party system really hurts us here. It turns complex social and economical issues into black and white concepts. If you don’t support X you must support Y. In reality there are so many different ways to approach these issues and polarizing them does a disservice to everyone.

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