2A0586D100000578-3141676-Face_of_a_killer_This_is_the_man_ISIS_claim_carry_out_the_attack-a-18_1435428883348[1]ISIS or Daesh, had three attacks against the West.  They attacked America through a Fortune 500 company (Air Products) in France.  They attacked Kuwait, which America and Bush 41 saved from Iraq.  Tunisia was attached, shooting tourists at a beach resort.  This was a favorite with Europeans.  Tunisia is the only democracy in the area.  They depend on tourism to support their economy.  With their strategic attack, Daesh has ended this last symbol of the West.

These radical Muslims seem to do as they wish against the West.  America drops some bombs occasionally and kills some of their leadership, but we certainly are doing nothing that is stopping their progress across the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Obama has returned their captured leaders from Gitmo so they can fight us again.

ISIS is working like a dripping faucet, steadily taking two steps forward and occasionally one back.  Their goal of world domination just might happen unless America, Russia or China takes them on directly.

The radical Muslims have invaded Europe in a big way.  Not only have they infiltrated the European countries in large numbers, but they have demanded their new host country change their culture to accommodate the new guests.  The Muslims want their new homes to enforce Sharia Law.  They want their new countries to recognize their holidays.  The European countries are bending more to their guests than they should.  This new influx of Muslims has created the environment for radicalization of the younger immigrants.

We have pockets of Muslims here in the United States.  Muslim mosques are the fastest growing religious buildings being constructed in the country.  The buildings are just a symptom of the problem.  Our increase in Muslims have mostly come here legally. They have come under a United Nations program to resettle refugees from war-torn countries in the Middle East and Africa.  Once here, they have gone after the underprivileged poor kids to convert them to Muslim.  After their conversion, it is much easier to radicalize them.

The President welcomes these changes with open arms.  Having been born and raised a Muslim, he has always made excuses for their actions.  Couple this with his open border philosophy, and America will cease to exist as we have known it.  The detention centers where illegals have been stored are in such poor condition that the border guards have been told to just release those held into the U.S. population.

Obama has cut our military to such a point that we no longer have the capacity to defeat Daesh on our own.  We drop an average of 15 missiles a day on Daesh, but that is spread over 8 countries.  That is not a very convincing show of force.  The President refuses to admit we are in a war against these radicals.  To date, they do not have a country ,per se, but they are close to having an established home spread across several countries that they call the Islamic State.

We now must depend on our “friends” to help us.  Unfortunately, we have not been trustworthy to our allies.  They no longer believe America will do what it says.  As such, they do not want to make commitments that tie them to America.  Why should they?  We have abandoned our allies all over the Middle East.  Obama just declared the war won and went home, leaving Daesh to rebuild and come back stronger than ever before.

President Obama refuses to fight this war.  He has purged the military leadership of all those who had successful campaigns for the past administrations.  He has cut military spending in each of his years in office.

I used to believe President Obama was so sheltered by his staff that he did not know what was happening in the world around him.  No more.  I now conclude he is taking deliberate steps to eliminate America’s power in the world.  He takes actions that diminish America’s influence so we no longer are a world leader.  Obama wants America to be just like Europe, one nation among many.  And as such, we will accept Daesh as a Muslim power equal to us in stature.  This will be Obama’s legacy.

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