A man with a pistol in Lincoln, Nebraska.

A man with a pistol in Lincoln, Nebraska.

After what happened in South Carolina, and other incidences across the country, it is time this nation has a serious discussion on guns.

The Founding Fathers placed into our controlling documents (our Constitution) the right to bear arms.  That statement was originally inserted to put a power check on the Federal Government.  The Founders did not foresee a time when our weapon capacity would be so powerful that one weapon could destroy complete continents.  The idea was for the population to be just as strong as the government.

We now have reached a time when a pistol will not stop a government from exercising tyranny.  However, a group of pistols can still stop a government from exerting force against the will of the governed.  That’s just another check and balance put into our Constitution to stop any branch, or any group within the government from becoming more powerful than other parts.

The Obama Administration has been attacking our Police forces across the country.  The Justice Department has filed charges against any officer that is forced to use his weapon against a minority person.  Our officers are now hesitant to use force doing their job.  Before long, our police officers will stop carrying firearms while on duty.  If the government can just get the rest of the citizens to disarm, then Government control of the population will be complete.

Charleston, South Carolina has been struck with a massive loss.  The families of the victims have been forced to show their grief in public.  The entire nation has prayed with them in their time of sorrow.  They have shown grace to the disturbed kid who destroyed so many families.  The powers that be have chased Al Sharpton and his ilk away from their town.

Of course, the President, used the tragedy for political purposes.  Never to miss an opportunity to exploit a situation, Obama again called for gun control.  His constant drumbeat to disarm America defies the word and meaning of our Constitution.  The President, who was supposed to have a background in Constitutional law, seems to have forgotten what that document says and means.

Using the Obama logic, we should outlaw the auto.  More people die each year from auto accidents than shootings.  We should just ban cars.  Many of those who had accidents had alcohol in their systems.  Maybe we should bring back prohibition.  The argument has been, and still is, that cars don’t kill people, only people driving them do.  Alcohol doesn’t kill people, only impaired drivers do.  The same is true for guns.  Guns don’t kill people, only people kill people.

If only people inside the church were armed, the death toll might have been greatly reduced.  The loss of life might have been eliminated.  In fact, if more people on the street were armed, there would be a lot less muggings, car jacking’s, and street crimes in general.

The right to bear arms is in the Bill of Rights for a purpose.  The Obama Administration had better learn our laws.  After all, he swore an oath to uphold them.


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