Brownsville4[1]The United States has a policy of opening our doors to our enemies, and allowing the prisoners from Gitmo to leave and rejoin the fight against us.  The Obama Administration has stopped the Border Patrol from stopping illegals from entering our country from Mexico and instead has them wait until after they have entered to pick them up and register them.  They are then given a hearing date and released into the population never to be heard from again.

In November of 2014, the Obama Administration before a Texas court, was defending its amnesty program.   The case involved the influx of illegal children entering the country without being accompanied by an adult.  The actual program was the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  The Administration said the program would not start until February of 2015.  The judge issued a temporary stay until he issues a final ruling.  On March 3, 2015, the Administration told the judge under further testimony that 100,000 children had already entered the program.  Under the program, the final decision on these children is postponed for three years.  In the meantime, the children will stay in the United States.  The Texas court ruled Obama does not have the right or authority to change immigration law passed by Congress and DACA is illegal.

Democrats in Congress have requested the Administration accept and resettle 65,000 refugees from Syria.  The United Nations through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) wants the United States to take initially 130,000 refugees.  The UN is challenging the United States to accept 50% of the total refugees from the war-torn country.  Democrats claim that half of Syria’s 23 million people are now refugees.  So far, Congress has refused to address the issue.  To date, all the refugees are Muslim, as the Christians have been exterminated by the Jihadists.

The largest influx of immigrants are from Mexico.  The Administration would like to see the entire population of Mexico move north of the border.  Homeland Security and ICE pick up and release these illegals on a regular basis.  Many of these are considered Threat Level 1 criminals who are scheduled for deportation.  In 2014, 57% of those released were Threat Level 1 criminals.  That same year, 41,000 low level criminals were put on monitoring release.  Most were using ankle monitoring devices.  Over 30,000 of these individuals broke the requirements of their release.  The average number of future violations these criminals committed was above 10.  These included drunk driving, speeding and other small crimes.  They also included rape, murder, assault and battery, burglary, drug violations, and other major crimes.

Ann Coulter, last week appearing on Fox News stated that in 1970 there were 1 in 21 people in the United States that were not born here.  In 2013, that number changed to 1 in 7.  The number of foreign born people is so large that they have developed small communities within the country where they practice their own laws, speak their own language and do not even attempt to melt into our society.  They shun all outsiders.  This is changing America as we know it.

The Obama Administration is so anxious to close Gitmo, they are releasing some of the worst bad guys the world has ever seen.  Last year the Administration released 6 Gitmo prisoners who they said were just people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  As it turned out, they were military commanders and bomb makers.  Now they have returned to the battle to kill Americans again.  Obama doesn’t care.  Killing Americans is less important to him than closing Gitmo.

If Obama feels he must close Gitmo, then we should just put a bullet in their head instead of releasing them.  In the past, we found them again and dropped million dollar bombs on their heads.  I’d just like to save the taxpayers some money.


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