DC0521AB-G-1990-00001[1]I am so excited!  The Obama Administration has finally responded to the Supreme Court ruling overturning the Environmental Protection Agency’s rulings a decade ago attempting to take over control of water.

The Government has written new rules to take control of all water they can find.  They issued new rules to control streams and wetlands, and all water that eventually flows into streams and wetlands.

Farmers find they have a new layer of regulations governing their farms.  Irrigation is just one area of regulation.  When the farmers spray pesticides to correct their crops, some of the spray enters the water.  This water may eventually find its way into streams that feed our drinking water.  New regulations cover this to add new requirements on farmers.  The paperwork requirements are substantial.

Homebuilders are greatly affected by the new regs.  When they plan a new housing development or even a single home, they must monitor groundwater.  If the property is dry, they can file forms with the government so stating.  Once they prove to the EPA’s satisfaction there is no water on the property, that part of the regulations will be satisfied.  But the rules also control the water that runs off the property after construction.  If the water runs off the property, then requirements must be met.  If the water is captured in a storm sewer system, the EPA has regulations to cover this water.  Of course, if there is standing water on the property, then the government has other regulations that must be met.  An environmental study must be done to see what wildlife lives in or around the water (wetland).  Then the government will determine if the proposed construction has a negative effect on the wildlife found.

Of course, the government and those who believe government should control all aspects of life, think these regulations do not go far enough.  Others feel the government has gone too far in its reach and scope.

If you think like I do that the government has over-reached its authority, the blame really falls on Congress.  Congress has walked away from their responsibility to make laws.  They have willfully given this authority to the faceless, nameless bureaucrats who are not responsible to the people.  They are only loyal to their bosses and get promoted if their little department grows bigger and becomes more important.

When these Agencies write new regulations that extend the reach of big government, then we, the people, should blame Congress for setting up a system that gives these agencies the ability to totally rewrite the laws Congress passes.  When this over-reach happens, we should pound on Congress very hard and vocally.  Never allow our representatives to say they are not responsible.  Never allow them to say they don’t agree with the regulations.  Make them do something about it.

These regulations are just the tip of the iceberg.  Every Federal Department has the ability to write regulations that govern our lives, and they do.  All of these agencies write and write.  And Congress just allows it to happen.  That should be the real story.


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