Hillary25[1]This is a subject that just refuses to stop giving.  The Clintons continue to provide me with a lot of material.  Reporters must love them because they continue to make writing careers available.

Hillary had two private email accounts that she kept away from the government system.  Although she claimed she had a private server because she didn’t want to carry several devises with her.  Turns out she carried at least two devises and maybe even more.  Hillary didn’t lie under oath about this so she did not commit perjury.  She just lied to the American people.  No crime in that.  Maybe not what we want in a President.  She did it so naturally, so easily, like she had a lot of practice.  Time will tell if a third set of communications comes to light.

Sydney Blumenthal, a Clinton operative from the old days, was so corrupt, so nasty during Hillary’s run in 2008, President Obama banned him from any position in his Administration.  Hillary couldn’t put him on the government payroll so she put him on the Clinton Foundation payroll instead.  Next Hillary set up a second set of communications with him to hide the arrangement.  Blumenthal then advised Hillary on foreign affairs.  Hillary would take some of Sydney’s advice and sent the ideas through State Department channels.  Seems Blumenthal was working for and advising the State Department without being on the payroll and without the knowledge of the President.  As usual, what applies to the rest of us does not apply to Hillary.  She just does as she pleases.

The President, as head of the government, is responsible for the Clinton communication systems, for Blumenthal advising the State Department, and other Clinton activities as Secretary of State.  The media are hounding other Administration spokesmen because Hillary has refused to answer questions.  Obama can not be pleased with all of his people being forced to defend Hillary for disobeying the President’s rules.  Obama’s slow burn has to be done in private, because Hillary is the only candidate on the Democrat side.

Hillary has done a great job of avoiding the media.  She refuses to answer questions about her email systems, Benghazi, or her doctrines for the Middle East or Russia.  She just ignores the reporters as they shout questions at her.  When she was bombarded with questions in the middle of a campaign event, she was force to take a few questions afterward, but she didn’t really say much.  She did say she wanted all her emails released as soon as possible, the emails that she approved and has spent years trying to hide.  She made it seem she wanted these emails released for a long time, and the media did not challenge her on that statement.

Clinton has been campaigning by meeting with small groups of influential people.  Hillary works best in the back, smoke-filled room away from the spotlight.  She has been raising tons of money for her run.  By avoiding the media, Clinton has not ben caught up in any of the issues of the day.  She has not been forced to take a position on issues like the breakdown of respect for authority in our cities, the strength and use of our military, our new relationship with Cuba, or a host of other issues.  Because she has no competition from the Democrats, she can let the Republicans beat each other up over these issues while she quietly goes about her business.

The Clinton Foundation has raised hundreds of millions of dollars since Bill left the White House.  They have spent millions of dollars.  Most of the money spent has gone for expenses to raise more money.  Less than 10% of the money raised has actually been spent for the cause of the charity.  Actually, this is not uncommon with charities like these.  Most of the millions spent have gone to Bill and Hillary for travel and living expenses.  With the revelation of the foreign donations that were not disclosed or accounted for, the Foundation must redo their tax filings.

It is going to be an interesting campaign season.  I’m sure I will be writing more on Hillary as the campaign develops.  Just waiting for the next revelation.  I can hardly wait!

FLASH:  Just as I was finishing this up last night, another financial scandal was being exposed about Bill and Hill.  I was going to hold this for a few days, but if I do that the material might be stale.  So I’ll post it today and save the new info until I can verify it.



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