baltimore-19[1]“OFFICER DOWN.”  Those chilling words have gone over the police airways much too often recently.  The latest happened in Mississippi last week.

Our police, and I do mean OUR POLICE, have been shot or otherwise attacked at will.  It seems there is a culture that justifies this type of action.  The reasons vary, but the end result is the same, an officer is killed by the vary people they are trying to protect.

We have had a change in America.  I believe it started with the Obama “Beer Summit” where our President publicly sided with a minority man who was stopped by a police officer from breaking into a house window late at night.  The fact that the man owned the home was unknown to the officer, so the President faulted the officer for protecting the neighborhood.

Our President always has a speech ready to divide America.  He takes sides against our police (or military) at every opportunity.  President Obama has done more to destroy racial relations than anyone in the past 50 years.  It will take decades for the country to recover from the Presidents eight years in office.

Most of the attacks that have been solved, have been committed by blacks.  These attacks have taken place against black and white officers, so I am not claiming it is a racist act.  Rather, it is an attack on authority.  Remember all the “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” crap that circulated, falsely, a few months back.  Truth didn’t matter.  Once the story circulated, any contradiction was lost.  And each time, the police took a PR hit.

We hear about the lack of respect the police have in minority neighborhoods.  The officers can not get the community to help in criminal investigations.  They then charge the police with not caring about crime against minorities.

Black youth are responsible for most of the crime.  Society blames the youth violence on the lack of jobs, poor schools and prejudice.  Let us look a little deeper.  How about teen pregnancy?  How about the lack of a father in the home?  How about the lack of education or knowledge to develop the skills to get and hold a job?  How about a commitment to support a family?  When are we going to stop making excuses for black teen violence and demand their own leaders stop blaming police and others in authority for all the problems in minority neighborhoods?

The police who patrol our streets and neighborhoods are our neighbors.  They are a part of our community.   Their children go to school with our kids.  They shop at all the local stores.  They worship at the same churches, volunteer for the same charities.

When they join the fallen, we all suffer.  Not only are they our friends, but many are relatives and part of us.  They are fathers, mothers and children.  When they fall, they leave families behind.  It impacts all of us.

The current culture in this country has to change.  The anarchy displayed in our cities is not just random demonstrations.  Random demonstrators don’t have professionally printed signs.  Someone is paying big bucks for these demonstrations to happen.  Our police are being used as an excuse to riot and burn.  When police officers fall, the media says it happened because police are bad, like they deserve to lose their lives.

The supposedly black leaders, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, etc., blame the police for every action they take against a black.  They call for peace while stirring up the people to riot.  They only stay if there is a big payday for them.


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