Vladimir PutinWhile we were all watching Baltimore “redevelop” its inner city last week, it is interesting that all the “spontaneous demonstrators” had professional signs that could be read by all the TV cameras.  Baltimore is one of those one party cities where no one but Democrats have held every elected office during the last five decades.  Funny, that’s about the time the city peaked and started declining.  No Republicans have been elected to the city government or the School Board in 50 plus years.  The good citizens of Baltimore complain that spending the third highest amount per student in the United States is not enough to raise scores beyond the ninth grade for the graduating seniors.  These same people refuse to elect anyone who would actually make improvements.  The old saying is to do the same thing over and over and be surprised you get the same result.  The citizens of Baltimore have gotten the government they deserve and I do not feel sorry for them.

There is no question the Obama Administration has withdrawn us from the world.  Fortunately, two nations have stepped up to fill the void.  Russia has already retaken some geography lost at the end of the cold war, Ukraine.  They are rebuilding the old Soviet Union.  Putin is flexing his military strength by flying his bombers into European, Canadian and American airspace repeatedly.  He is doing this just because he can.  It’s an “in your face” show of force.  As Russia rebuilds its military, it will expand its military export business.  Iran has a goal of controlling all the Middle East energy.  It is already influencing most of the nations in the area.  They are close to developing a nuclear weapon capable of eliminating Israel.  Smart money says if they get the bomb, they will use it.  Iran has started using its navy for piracy.  President Obama has Secretary of State Kerry negotiating with Iran to stop them from developing the bomb.  So far, Kerry not only will allow them to continue making nuclear material, but we will lift all sanctions placed against Iran and will only have inspections by appointment.

ISIS or Daesh, has conquered more square miles of territory since we started our bombing campaign than they had before we decided to conquer them from the air.  Obama still tells us how successful his plan has been.  Just like Obama’s successful urban policy, his brilliant foreign policy might leave the free world with one member – Greenland.  Don’t worry.  Obama will not allow American ground troops to enter any conflict, ever.  And the world knows it.  Russia will challenge NATO.  Without American leadership and troops, NATO might fall and Obama won’t care.

Hillary will continue to stonewall Congress on the email question.  That will continue until she declares it’s old news and won’t talk about it any more.  Same goes for the Clinton Foundation.  I still believe that Hillary will NOT be the Democrat nominee.  Someone will come out of the shadows and take the nomination.  I know some Democrats, good people all, who deserve a better candidate than Hillary Clinton.


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