20150402_hillary_clinton_gty_1160_956x519[1]Let me begin by saying I do not believe Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016.  Let’s go back in history to review Hillary’s introduction to the American people.

Hillary first appeared on the national scene as a staff member for the Senate Judiciary Committee when Richard Nixon was being investigated for the Watergate burglary.  She was eventually fired from the committee for falsifying research to be used by the committee.  Even at that early time, Hillary was found to be unethical by her fellow Democrats.

Upon entering the White House as First Lady, Hillary was given the task of revamping Health Care.  At the time it was referred to as “Hillary Care.”  The plan delivered by Hillary’s working group was very similar to the current “ObamaCare” we suffer under today.  Under HillaryCare, there was no exemption for small, family run businesses with only a few employees.  When told that millions of small mom and pop businesses would be forced out of business because of HillaryCare, she said she could not be responsible for every under capitalized business in the country.

Around the same time, Hillary was involved with her old law firm over real estate investments involving her husband.  The Rose Law Firm records surrounding the transactions under investigation and the billing records involving the transactions were lost.  These were later found in the living quarters by a White House housekeeper who was immediately fired.  No legal action was taken.

During her husbands Monica problems, Hillary was running damage control in the White House.  She was furious her husband allowed a “Special Prosecutor” to be appointed.  She wanted to stonewall the investigation and believed they had the power to kill the investigation.

Upon leaving the White House, there was hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage done to the offices.  This childish graffiti was done by the White House staff as they departed.  All computer systems were scrubbed clean leaving the new Administration without any workable systems.  Many White House artifacts were removed and sent to the Clinton private residence.  The Clinton’s refused to return the items until they received a bill for the missing items.  Then they were immediately returned.  Hillary’s office oversaw the Clinton’s move.

Although Hillary claimed poverty when she left the White House, she received an $8 million advance for a book deal.  Her husband received a comparable deal of his own.  The couple purchased a large estate in New York, complete with separate housing for the Secret Service detail assigned to protect the First Family.  It was revealed the lease to the Secret Service covered the cost of the mortgage.

Hillary next appeared as a Senator from New York.  She served her six-year term and won re-election.  During her time in the Senate, she did not pass any notable legislation.  She was busy planning her 2008 Presidential run.

After her unsuccessful run for the office previously held by her husband, Hillary accepted the position of Secretary of State.  Her accomplishments as Secretary has not yet been fully written, but so far history has not been kind to her.  She established a “restart” in relations with Russia.  Since that time, Russia has marched troops into Ukraine, sent planes and ships into western nations secured areas, and threatened NATO.  The Benghazi attack that killed four Americans was an embarrassment for Hillary.  She was kept in the dark about the attack, and was misled by the Administration about the cause of the attack – the video.  Her staff and the White House had no communication with her for 7 hours surrounding the attack, according to her communication records.  This shows that Hillary was so little thought of by the Administration and the State Department that no one bothered to even inform her of the attack.

After Hillary left the State Department, it was revealed she used a private email system outside of government control.  She refused to turn over her communications until she was subpoenaed by Congress.  She returned emails she wanted to release and destroyed the others claiming they were private.  She has refused to turn over the server that stored her emails.

A new scandal has emerged today but I will not write anything on it until the information can be verified.

For these reasons, I believe American Democrats will pick a better candidate for President.


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