mapmiddleeast[1]Let’s start in the Middle East.  Iran is fighting ISIS in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.  In Iraq they are our friends.  In Syria and Yemen they are our enemy.  At the same time the U.S. is negotiating a treaty with Iran to allow them to develop a nuclear bomb over a few years rather than a few months.

Iranian leaders chant “Death to America” daily, but the U.S. government is going so far to protect the treaty they will take it to the United Nations rather than the U.S. Congress for approval.  Iran also continues to develop missiles that can reach America.  Iran has also said many times that Israel (the only democracy in the area) should be wiped off the face of the earth.

Saudi Arabia has started fighting Iran in Iraq and Syria.  They will not permit Iran to stay and dominate the land they have captured as they defeat ISIS.  The Saudis have developed a force with the other Sunni nations in the area to join the fight against ISIS.  This included Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Israel has stated they will not allow Iran to continue nuclear development, period.  They have said they will do whatever is necessary to stop this program.  Israel is suspected of having nuclear weapons, but has never specifically stated this fact.  Israel is our strongest ally in the region but during the Obama tenure in the White House, the U.S. has stopped Israel from striking Iran in the past.  Relations between Israel and the United States is strained to the point where nether country trusts or confides in the other.

Saudi Arabia is negotiating with Pakistan to purchase or develop nuclear weapons for protection against Iran.  Syria and the other nations in the region will follow suit.  The last thing we need is for more nations to have these weapons.

Along with the battle against ISIS is another battle that has been going on for centuries.  That is the battle between the Sunni Muslims and the Shiite Muslims.  This conflict flares up and then settles down for a while, but is always there.  The hatred between these groups will never end.  The U.S. supports both sides depending which country we are talking about.

Now, does everyone understand all this?  Well, I don’t.  The whole region is a mess.  And most of the current conflicts in the area has developed because the United States has withdrawn from the region.  The void we created by our exit has been filled by some very bad people.  And we pretend everything is O.K.

Not very far away in Eastern Europe is another situation.  Russia, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, has been rebuilding the old Soviet Empire.  Putin has been systematically conquering Ukraine.  Russian troops and military equipment have invaded the country and have been taking strategic land that makes the rest of the country hard to function.  Putin marches on while the U.S. remains silent.  Once Ukraine falls to Russia and Putin continues to take back more of the old empire, what will NATO do?  Will the organization stop Russia before they reach Germany’s border?  This past week, Obama refused to meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, from Norway.  I guess Obama is taking the same approach with NATO that he has taken with the Middle East, let them do it without us.

This is what the current Administration has deliberately given us.  One thing Obama said when first elected was that he would change the world.  He sure did.


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