467345576[1]One thing I can say for a writer like myself, Hillary is a gift that just keeps giving.  Her email story will give us material to keep us going through the next election cycle.  What fun!

Clinton tried the other day to make a joke about her ’email problem.’  She certainly can’t tell a one liner like her hubby.  Not only did no-one laugh, but Hillary was also putting everyone on notice that her stonewalling will intensify.  Friday afternoon, the time all politicians release bad news because it is a dead news time, Hillary’s “people” said all emails on her server were scrubbed and their was no information remaining.

This reminds me of when Hillary was on the Watergate Investigation Committee as a staffer.  She eventually was fired from the committee for falsifying evidence against President Nixon.  Hillary was doing all she could to see Nixon go to jail for refusing to release the tapes.  Now it appears Clinton has outdone Nixon.  Not only has she refused to turn over the requested evidence, she destroyed the evidence.  In other words, she erased the tapes.

Hillary tried to make the issue a joke, like their was nothing left of the issue.  She’s wrong.  This will be a debate point in every debate with the Republican nominee.  She has already indicated she is not interested in debating any Democrats during the primary process.

Look for the Republicans to make the issue a major point in all the ad campaigns.   It is not just that Hillary committed a felony, it is a matter of trust with the American people.  Do we really want to be reminded of Bill and all his twisting and turning again?  Does America want another four or eight years of another Clinton in the White House?  Her lack of truthfulness will only intensify if she is elected.

Congress will continue to demand the communications Clinton had during the Benghazi attack.  There is no communication to or from the Secretary of State for a nine-hour period during the attack.  Are we to believe that Clinton was totally cut out of all discussions during the attack?  Are we to believe that even her staff had no communication with her?  Are we to believe that her staff had no communication with each other about Benghazi during the attack?  I don’t think so.

Trey Gowdy, who is leading the investigation for the House of Representatives, will methodically continue to demand answers and information from the secretive Obama Administration.  He will use all his skill to doggedly find the information he needs to seek the truth.  If it takes to the end of 2016, and past the next election, so be it.

It will be interesting to see how far the Obama Administration goes to protect Hillary.  It is well-known that Obama does not care for Hillary.  Obama does not wish to see Hillary follow him in office.  Obama fears Hillary will undo some of his legacy actions.  Obama’s legacy is more important to him than his former Secretary of State.

The information Congress is seeking is When the attack started, why didn’t the Administration send troops to protect the Americans?  When did the Administration know the attack was underway?  Why was there a lack of security surrounding the Ambassador?  What was the communication between those in Benghazi and the State Department?  How can we prevent this from happening again?  Hillary’s actions have made the answers impossible to find.


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