_81811890_9d80a656-3310-407d-b86e-03c2b491271b[1]The elections in Israel are history and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won going away even though America sent campaign experts to Israel to stop Netanyahu and his party, and funded a campaign to defeat the Prime Minister.  Netanyahu ran on a platform of stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, and refusing to return Israel’s boundary to where they were before 1967.

The official U.S. position is for a two state solution.  The Palestinians are demanding their own state, and say peace will not return to the region until Israel is destroyed.  They continue to fire rockets into Israel on a daily basis.  The official Obama / American position favors the Palestinians over Israel.

Obama / America has been upset with Israel building homes on the West Bank.  As Israeli children grow up and marry, they need housing.  America wants these new families to leave the area and build housing in the interior of the country.  America wants these families to be broken up and scattered to other parts of the country.

Netanyahu has stated he will not accept a nuclear Iran.  Obama has been negotiating a treaty with Iran, and what has been leaked so far allows Iran to continue to make nuclear material.  Obama / America seems more interested in reaching a deal with Iran than what’s in the deal.  Iran still chants on a daily basis for the destruction of America and Israel.

Once Obama / America creates a treaty that allows Iran to continue its nuclear program, Israel will be the only power capable of striking and destroying Iran’s facilities.  They may need deep penetrating bombs from the U.S. (they may already have these) and permission to cross U.S. controlled air space.  Obama / America would probably never give that permission, but it is questionable if Obama / America would actually shoot down the Israeli planes.

The relationship with Iran, who we have no diplomatic relations, is better than our relationship with Israel.  After the Netanyahu easy win last week, Obama didn’t call to congratulate the Prime Minister for several days.  Netanyahu tried to smooth over the differences with Obama / America.  Obama rebuffed his overture to make peace and further dug in to show the differences.

Iran has filled the void of American troops withdrawal from the area.  Ground troops from Iran have been fighting successfully against ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.  Iran is gaining influence all over the area.  They are now the most influential power in the Middle East.  The governments in these countries welcome help from Iran because the alternative is being taken over by Daesh  (ISIS).

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the other moderate Islamic states fear Daesh and Iran both.  Saudi Arabia has entered negotiations with Pakistan to secure nuclear weapons for protection from Iran.  Egypt will not be far behind.  Meanwhile, the American Government tells us Daesh is a junior varsity group.  America treats Iran better than we treat Israel.  The Administration plans to take the treaty reached with Iran to the United Nations rather than the U. S. Senate for approval.  This is because the American Government knows the U.S. Senate and the American people would oppose the treaty as currently structured.

The President surrounds himself with nothing but “yes” men and women.  He purges anyone who disagrees with him.  Obama continues to stumble along, oblivious to the world around us.  Let’s hope the planet survives until he leaves office.


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