150312_clinton_ap_956x519[1]Tighten your belt, hang on tight, here we go again.  Hillary came out swinging during her response to the email scandal that is unfolding.

She stated she did nothing wrong.  She handed over all emails that belonged to the government.  She deleted 33,000 emails between she and her husband, and those that related to personal things.  She will not turn her server over to anyone for evaluation because she said she transferred everything back to the State Department.  She was not hacked.  Her server was set up using security in existence when Bill left the White House in 2000.  That means her computer security was less than is on home computer systems all across America today.  Subject closed.

Not by a long shot.  Clinton said we will just have to trust her because she said it.  Just like she didn’t know where her law firm records were.  Her husband, Bill, said he only sent two emails in his life, and neither were sent to Hillary.  Foreign governments have been attempting to hack into American government computer systems for years.  Are we to believe that they didn’t even attempt to crack the State Department Secretary with 15 year old security?

There are too many unanswered questions about what she was doing and what her boss was doing during the Benghazi attack.  Hillary spent two weeks telling America the attack was caused by a video, both in testimony before Congress and in speeches.  When did she know it wasn’t and where did she get her information?  Her communication before, during, and after the attack would explain many of the unanswered questions.  Material she turned over so far show no communication with anyone during this time.

Hillary said she never sent a classified document by email.  She did not say she never received a classified email.  If she never sent or received a classified document, then she was completely out of the loop and never functioned in the job.  Her top aides also used private email so no important business must have taken place at the top of the Department of State.

President Obama has been dragged into the mess by things Hillary said.  Apparently, Obama never sent Hillary a classified document in four years, and Hillary never emailed her boss anything important.  Obama would have known immediately Hillary was violating the law when he looked at her first email.  Obama said he didn’t know until the story broke in the press.  Really???  To believe all this means Hillary never functioned at State in any important way.  She can’t have it both ways.

Sidney Blumenthal was an important Hillary advisor.  He had a private email system.  I guess they only talked in person or on the phone.  They never emailed?  She never sent him information to look over and discuss?

Hillary Clinton brings back all the stuff from the 90’s.  When we think about this story, we remember the billing records at the Rose law firm.  We remember “What the definition of ‘is’ is.”  We get into the question of whether oral sex is sex.  Does America really want four or eight more years of this stuff? I don’t think so.

Exactly how did Hillary communicate with others in our government and foreign governments?  Carrier pigeons?  Runners?  Smoke signals?  Or was she so far out of the loop in decision making that nobody ever bothered with her.  This doesn’t say much for her credibility or resume to become the leader of the free world.


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