US_South_China_Sea.JPEG-0fb02_s878x585[1]The President recently held a workshop on terror extremists.  I feel a lot safer knowing my government considers me, a conservative, more dangerous to the United States than ISIS.

In a speech, President Obama said climate change was the biggest threat to our safety now and in the future.

John Kerry, the Secretary of State said America was the safest it has been in a century.  That attitude will let me sleep well tonight.  I guess it is safe for me to travel the globe and enjoy seeing all the sights while relaxing.

James Clapper, our top terrorist spook, said terrorism is the worst for 2014 it has ever been since records have been kept.  Makes me think his briefings haven’t been read because they go against the Administration line.  That’s scary!

Hillary Clinton taking millions of dollars from foreign governments (total around $2 billion) for her charity while in government as Secretary of State and afterwards as a private citizen.  Some of these foreign governments got access to government insiders for such things as human rights violations to avoid being put on international lists.  Of course, the Clinton’s see nothing wrong with not reporting this to the Ethics Department.

The internet is now controlled by the U. S. Government.  The Federal Trade Commission, on the first day, issued 300 pages of regulations just to get things started.  At some future date, blogs like mine might be found to be a threat and banned from distribution.  Just think, a whole new division in the F.C.C.  When they build a new building and fill it with people who spend all day writing regulations to keep their jobs, the internet, as we know it, will no longer exist.  Just think, no more new platforms to provide information without filing paperwork, getting permits, maybe public hearings and endless approvals required before an advancement can be made.

As of this writing, the Homeland Security funding has not been settled.  It was scheduled to end on February 28th.  30,000 employees will be laid off until funding is approved.  Let’s look at the possible results.  All airport security operations will not be affected.  Border patrol will not be affected.  Secret Service activities will not be affected.  85% of all employees will continue to work.  Only in government would you have 30,000 non-essential employees on the payroll.  The only place I know of where the layoffs might have an effect is Washington, D.C.  A short gap funding was passed for another week, but the problem remains.

The Obama Administration, through an Executive Order, has changed our immigration laws to allow illegal aliens to stay in America.  They will also receive tax refunds even though they paid no taxes into the system.  This looks like welfare to me.  So now we will pay illegals to break our laws and enter the country illegally with tax money you and I pay our government each year.  A Federal District Court in Texas ruled the Administration does not have the power to write laws, but the Obama Administration has appealed this ruling, and may be planning to ignore the court ruling.  Is the U.S. Constitution a relevant document anymore?

The IRS scandal continues.  Documents and emails were said to have been destroyed.  It took 4 months for the IRS to tell Congress they could not comply with the demand for documents.  Now a Treasury investigator may have found the missing Lois Lerner documents in two weeks of searching.  Seems the IRS never even bothered looking.  Could it be the cover-up might be more damaging than the crime?

The President finally vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Obama is doing everything he can to keep us dependent on Mid East oil and force Canada into a larger sales agreement with Communist China.  Of course, China does not have the pollution controls at their refineries like we do in the states.

More on these items in more depth will be written later.


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