1415688799450_wps_2_Russian_President_Vladimi[1]We are now in the seventh year of the current Administration.  It is safe to say that Obama’s policies have taken hold and no longer is the Bush Administration influential in current world situations.  Let us look at several spots around the world and evaluate where we are and what the future holds.

Middle East – The Obama Administration has done all it could to prop up and protect OPEC and it’s allies.  Blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, and banning all drilling on Federal land has been the tool Obama has used to keep supplies from the U.S. down so our dependence on foreign oil continues.  Our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming to a close with our enemies filling the void of U.S. troops as we pull out and leave.  Our credibility with these countries is at an all time low.

Israel – Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is scheduled to speak to the Congress of the United States on the proposed nuclear treaty with Iran.  The Obama Administration has responded by financially supporting Netanyahu’s opponent in the upcoming election.  This once close ally, now is wary of the United States.  Relations between the two nations has never been more strained.  Early in Obama’s first term Israel had planned to attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.  Obama leaked the plan to the world and refused to allow the Israeli planes safe passage to reach their target.  Since that time, their has been a chill between the two nations.  Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is about Israel’s survival, not just a policy disagreement between the two nations.

Iran – So far, what has leaked to the media about the nuclear talks, show that Iran has made no compromises to date while the U.S. and it’s partners have reduced sanctions, allowed Iran to continue their development of nuclear weapons, allowed Iran to continue developing long range missiles, and allowed Iran to enter agreements with Russia to provide modern defensive weapons in case of a western strike on their nuclear facilities.  The deadline has been extended twice, with no compromises from the Iranian side.  Obama needs a treaty for his legacy, and really doesn’t care what is actually in the agreement as long as a nuclear strike on Israel doesn’t happen until after he leaves office in early 2017.

Russia – Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has been challenging NATO by taking back part of Ukraine and flying bombers and jets into NATO airspace to test the West’s response to their aggression.  The Russian President has systematically been recreating the old Soviet empire.  Remember when Obama was caught on an open mic telling the Russian U.N. Ambassador “Tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election.”  Now we know what that discussion was about.  Obama doesn’t care what Russia does in Eastern Europe.  Putin is pushing NATO’s defenses to the limit.  He is calculating that NATO will crumble if pushed to the limit because the U.S. will not lead the group in protecting Western Europe’s territory.

Great Britain, our most loyal ally, has a strained relationship with America.  Obama’s father had an issue with the British while living in Kenya.  One of Obama’s first actions after being sworn into office was to return a bust of Winston Churchill which was on loan to the U.S.  It had been on display in the White House since the 1950’s.  Our President insulted Queen Elizabeth by sending her a gift of his political speeches while running for office in 2007 and 08.  Obama does not consult with the British very often on issues that involve both countries and the British seem to be going their own way without the U.S.



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