isisshiites[1]Today I am going to write about foreign affairs and policy.  This issue might be the deciding point in 2016.  This post might be misnamed.  It might be better called nostalgia.  To have a better future we need to look to our past.

America has given up its leadership position in the world.  Under the current Administration we mirror Europe, or more precisely France.  We have gotten to a place where we can no longer protect our own borders, let alone the rest of the world.  American might is a former shadow of itself.  We have cut our military spending to a point where we have no power remaining.  This was the plan of Obama, to take the money we use to protect ourselves and redistribute it on people to boost their party voter registration.  Meanwhile, the world burns.  The current world leaders, China, Russia, Iran and Jordan, are all in play over the Middle East.  They are filling a vacuum left when the United States withdrew from our leadership position.  It is time for us to reestablish our rightful place in the world.  It wasn’t that long ago that we had the worlds largest and most dynamic economy.  We need a leader to bring us back.

Obama has had five Defense Secretaries in six years.  He micromanages our military to such an extent that the Secretaries keep leaving.  We need a leader who knows how to delegate and allows experts to do their jobs.

We are fighting an enemy that the current Administration is afraid to even define, let alone defeat.  Let us define our enemy: RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

The current Administration has sent a bill to Congress asking for authorization to fight the group that has declared war on us.  We would spend money training others to fight for us.  We would continue the “highly successful” bombing campaign that has only doubled the territory occupied by Daesh or ISIS.  The authorization would only last three years.  What crap.  Congress should authorize money, equipment and land troops to destroy the enemy, period.  If the President and his advisors choose to actually do less than that, so be it.  But the authorization would be there to do more, and our enemies would not be told in advance what we are, or are not going to do.  The next President should have the authority and the assets to fight this war even if the current Administration won’t do it.

Iran continues to develop their nuclear weapons.  We are negotiating with them, but so far they just refuse our demands and keep going.  The U.S. is seen as needing an agreement for the Presidents legacy, any agreement, so Iran knows they will eventually get everything they wish.  While these negotiations continue, no one else can take action to destroy their program.  Iran also is a supporter of other adventurist nations in the region.  They support Assad in Syria and other rogue regimes.  This has to change.

We need to re-establish relations with our friends around the world.  Iraq and Afghanistan feel we deserted them and left without properly preparing them to defend themselves.  Much of the problems with Daesh came from the vacuum we created with our withdrawal.

Israel, formerly our strongest ally in the region, has found the United States opposing all Israeli defense and national security positions.  Bebe Netanyahu hardly speaks to us anymore and certainly does not trust us.  We need to rebuild this relationship.

Great Britain, once a reliable friend in Europe, has taken their own path without consulting with us.  Ever since Obama returned the bust of Winston Churchill, and stated his dislike for our friend across the pond because of some issue his father had while living in Kenya, the relationship between the two nations has been strained.  A second insult was Obama giving the Queen a tape of his campaign speeches.  What arrogance! This relationship must be repaired.

NATO, once a major power protecting Europe from the communist powers in the east, is disintegrating because of the lack of will by the former leader, the U.S., to stand against the Russians.  President Putin is recreating the Soviet Union by retaking the Baltic states one nation at a time.  Remember when Obama was caught on an open mic saying he would have more flexibility with Russia after the election?  Now we know what he meant.  Russia must be stopped of its aggression.  No other country seems to be stepping up to take the leadership of NATO.  If the U.S. doesn’t again step up, this group may implode.  We have always insisted on having U.S. military commanders directing U.S. troops under the NATO umbrella.  Now we are running away from this responsibility.  That has to change.

With our withdrawal from the world, the globe seems to be destructing.  We need a President who truly is a leader.


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