gop-2016-koch-brothers-jpeg-0c76d_c0-169-5184-3190_s561x327[1]The last post I started covering the domestic issues for the 2016 Presidential campaign.  There is much more to cover.

The Obama Administration, and other past Administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have an education policy that starts in Washington, D.C. and filters down to the states and later to the local level.  The taxpayers only see a small fraction of the cost to educate a student in America.  Much of the cost is hidden.  The local school district collects taxes locally to run the schools.  Here in Pennsylvania, we have a tax on real estate and also a wage tax that goes directly to the schools.  Other states have different methods of funding.  What isn’t really discussed is the amount of federal tax money that is given to the states to give to the various school districts.  This federal money isn’t given freely, it is given only if the schools spend the tax money on certain things the Federal Education Department wants.  These employees sit in office buildings in Washington writing regulations that school districts must comply with to get the funds.  Of course, they use up a pretty large chunk of the money deciding how the rest that is filtered down is used.  This same process is repeated in the states before they agree to release the small amount of leftover funds to the school districts.  It may be that the requirements are a good thing, but the people closest to our children, the local school board, have very little authority over the operation of the schools.  My question is, Why is the Federal Government even involved in the schools?   Let the schools tax what they need to run the schools and leave everyone else out of the equation.

Now the Federal Government wants to turn the Community College system into the same funding used for secondary education.  Obama says he thinks all Americans should be able to get a 2 year degree from a community college “free.”  Well, maybe it’s “free” for the student but it will cost taxpayers $2 plus billion a year.  It’s only projected to be just $2 billion. but we all know how accurate these estimates are when it comes to free stuff.

Our borders are porous and not controlled at all.  We can never solve our immigration problem until we control who enters the country and from where.  The current administration thinks making all the illegals legal will someday turn them into loyal voters for the Democrats.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful to turn another 10 to 12 million one party voters loose on the country.  Mexico always wanted Texas back and with the influx of new voters they just might get it.  At the very least, Mexico would get an a large foreign aid benefit.

Obama wants a major tax increase on Americans.  Like all tax increases, this one is supposed to be on the rich.  We have seen this before.  The problem is the rich will have their accountants and tax consultants find all the loopholes to avoid the tax so the tax will fall on the middle class, as usual.  This will be another reason for the wealthy to move their assets off-shore to avoid the U.S. taxman.  And guess what, the jobs leave with the capital.

ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed.  This was a poorly written bill that does more damage to the health care system than it solves.  Before repeal can take place new legislation needs to be drafted and approved.  There are items in the existing law that should be retained, such as pre-existing conditions.  The cost of the legislation must be reduced for the taxpayer and the family budget.

Since America is the highest taxed nation in the free world, we need tax cuts, not increases.  We also need to cut spending to reduce the deficit.  Whole departments of the Federal Government need to be eliminated.  If it isn’t absolutely necessary for the survival of the United States, then it should be examined for elimination.

Folks, I’ve run rather long again and haven’t even touched on foreign policy.  That will have to be for next time.


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