ABC_scott_walker_jt_150201_16x9_992[1]If I was running for President, the first item I would do is select a campaign manager that was tough, took no prisoners, and had a reputation for being nasty, cutthroat and always went for the jugular. This person also has to have the ability to rally the team together into a machine type of organization.

The second item on my list is to hire a communications expert who knew all about “social media” and knew how to use it.  This is someone who has to be quick with one liners, and is able to respond quickly to every situation.

The third hire is the fundraiser.  I would need someone who has the ability to raise money, a lot of it, on short notice from all over the country.  Not only should this person be able to land the big donors, but also know and able to enlist the bundlers to harness the contribution from the masses.

Once those three people are in place, the campaign can start to function.  Before you even step out your front door, you need to develop your platform on the issues.  Some of these are easy because your positions on some issues are already known or you would not be able to hire the three listed above.  I’ll go through the positions I want to see from the candidate I am looking to support next year.

DOMESTIC POLICY – It all starts with the budget.  In the past six years, we have created more debt (spent money we don’t have) than all previous Presidents combined.  In six short years we have driven our country towards bankruptcy.  There is a real need for us, as a nation, to have a discussion of exactly what our tax money and our government should be spending here at home.

WE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO SPEND LIKE WE HAVE IN THE PAST.  There are going to be cuts in spending and programs, if we want to or not.  We don’t have much choice.  Our spending must be brought under control.  The Clinton Administration signed a welfare reform bill that was passed by the Republican Congress.  That legislation was very successful.  Although it was abandoned by the Obama Administration, it should be reinstated again.

The federal agencies need to be cut in size and power.  The agencies, all of them, perpetuate themselves by issuing more and more regulations that Americans must comply with.  This compliance needs monitoring, so more employees are always needed.  This cycle needs to be broken.  We need to decide what functions are necessary to our Republic and which are not.  Every agency should undergo a reduction in staff and function.  Forget what is “nice” and only do what is absolutely necessary.

The Federal government owns up to 1/3 of some western states.  Large areas of the nation have been bought by the government and restricted in use.  Mineral production has been banned from these areas to keep them pristine for future generations.  This must be stopped.  If the citizens from these states want the acreage protected, the state should own and manage it, not the Federal government.

Our tax system is a joke.  A recent study gave identical personal tax information to five different Certified Public Accountants and received five different results.  When the experts can not agree on what tax should be paid, how is the average citizen able to comply with our tax laws?  The whole system needs to be changed and simplified. Our corporate tax structure makes us the highest taxed society in the free world.  Business is leaving our shores not out of choice, but out of necessity to survive with the competition.  America must make our tax system competitive with the rest of the world.  American jobs depend on it.

There is much more to say about domestic spending, but that will have to be for another day, and I haven’t even touched on foreign affairs.


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