_80496580_0aa3599d-a90f-4323-beeb-97f300334d75[1]There seems to be a real difference between Obama’s view and the view of the rest of the world when it comes to Daesh (ISIS) and al Qaeda.  In his State of the Union address, Obama never mentioned al Qaeda and only had a few paragraphs on ISIS.

The President seemed more concerned about American pollution than the threat from those who want to kill all Americans.  However, the two are directly related.

Let’s face facts here.  The Middle East is about oil for America.  Oil makes America work.  We use it to fuel our cars, allowing us to be mobile.  We use it more and more to produce electricity to run our manufacturing, our homes, our offices.  We use oil for lubrication.  We need oil just as we need food.  The United States needs oil from the Middle East just to survive.  End that supply and we are extremely vulnerable to the rest of the world.

The Middle East has gone through some major changes the past few months.  Iran has continued its march toward a nuclear bomb and a missile system to deliver it anywhere in the world.  They have always paid or financed various radical groups to  expand Iran’s influence.  This has intensified since the U.S. relaxed sanctions against the Iranian regime.

Yemen has fallen to an Iranian surrogate that hates America.  The old government supported Americas “War on Terror” by allowing us to use bases in that country to run our drone program.  As the rebels attacked Yemen, we did nothing to help our friend.  We allowed that government to fall.  Part of the reason we let them fail was we had no military assets in the region to step in and protect the government.  We have brought all our troops and equipment home.  The troops and military equipment that are in Yemen are being used to protect our drone bases there.  We really are not flying missions now because we do not know the status of air control in the country.

Saudi Arabia, the country with the second largest proven oil reserves next to the United States, finds itself surrounded by unfriendly countries.   Last week, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz died.  He is being succeeded by his younger brother Salman bin Abdulaziz, 79.  The younger brother had previously taken over several functions of the government as the King was in failing health for the past few years.  If they would fall, all Middle East oil would be controlled by those who hate our way of life.

While the Middle East stirs, the Obama Administration has done all it can to curtail energy production here at home.  The Keystone XL Pipeline is just a symbol of Obama’s opposition to energy independence for America.  New regulations on power plants are making coal uneconomical even though it is the most abundant resource and the cheapest fuel we have.

Alaska has been preparing to issue drilling permits on land that has a large deposit of oil.  The Obama Administration has jumped in and designated the land with the highest environmental protection designation to keep it from being developed.  This oil soaked earth will be kept off the market for all time.  This time, it amounts to 12.2 million acres.  I have written about this before.  The Federal Government continues to use taxpayer money to keep us dependent on foreign sources.


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