Barack ObamaWell, it’s that time of year again when we all pretend that things in America are fine and dandy.  The Administration tells America that everything is going great and he is responsible for saving the country from what the Bush Administration had done to us a decade ago.  Obama, to his credit, did not use the former Presidents name.

Obama started his address by saying he will veto any legislation Congress sends him that changes ObamaCare, immigration covering illegal aliens, the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and sanctions against Iran for not agreeing to stop their nuclear weapons program.  The President seems to have forgotten the American people soundly rejected Obama’s policies just three months ago.

The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, creates a situation where employers are encouraged to cut workers hours of work to under 30 per week.  Congress, in a bipartisan agreement, will send the President a bill raising the limit to 40 hours per week so employees do not need to work two or three jobs just to be able to pay their bills.  The President has promised to veto any such legislation.

Republicans want to pass legislation that secures our southern border before any comprehensive immigration reform takes place.  Obama is insisting our southern border stays open.  To be fair to the President, the previous Administration had the same policy on our border.

The President has promised to veto the expected bipartisan approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  The Administration would rather see the oil sold to China rather than have it refined and consumed in the United States.  The Administration has opposed all oil development on federal land.  In fact the Federal Government has purchased land that contained oil and gas deposits just to keep it out of the hands of energy developers.  Deposits found on private land and developed by the fracking technology has moved us much closer to energy independence.  Obama has taken credit for this.

Iran is in negotiations with the United States about opening up their nuclear program to inspection and eventual dismantlement.  We began the negotiations by relaxing sanctions that were place on Iran years ago.  There was a deadline set so if Iran stalled, the sanctions would be re-imposed.  Obama has extended the deadline two times while Iran continues its march toward a nuclear bomb.  Today, Iran has signed a military agreement with Russia to buy equipment.  Obama said he would veto any legislation that forces him to keep his word.

Al Qaeda was not mentioned in his address.  The President did mention ISIS, but really glossed over the expansion of that radical Islamic group in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.  The real threat to America, according to Obama, is pollution, not radical Islam, a term the President refuses to use.

Obama touted the economic improvement during his watch.  He sited the strongest growth since 1999.  He sited the low and falling unemployment figures.  He neglected to mention all those that were removed from the unemployment rolls because they could not find work or all those who have moved from full time employment to part time.  Obama also stated he cut the deficit by 2/3.  When Obama was sworn into office in 2009, the national debt was $9 trillion.  Late last year (6 years of Obama) our national debt passed $18 trillion.  That means that Obama amassed the same amount of debt in 6 years as all Presidents from George Washington through George W. Bush combined.

The President ended his speech by saying the country needs Congress and the Administration to work together.  His plea sounded really good until you compare it to the beginning of his speech.  What he really said was he and Congress need to work together if Congress gives him everything he wants.  At no time during the evening did Obama say he was willing to compromise on anything.


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