mideast-iraq[1]All over Europe and even in North America, there are areas where the national society can not enter.  It is time for these zones to disappear from the landscape.

Paris, France, this past week witnessed two attacks from Islamic extremists that left death and destruction in its wake.  As the news unfolded, it was discussed that there are 8 “No-Go Zones” within the city.  These are areas where French law does not exist.  French is not spoken, and there are no French customs or traditions practiced.  Arabic is spoken, Sharia law is practiced, and any outsiders do not enter.  There is no attempt to migrate into the surrounding society.  There are pockets like this not just in Paris, but others are spread around the country.

Don’t think this is a problem for France alone.  These “No-Go zones” are now all over the world.  Europe has the highest concentration of radical Islamists, but they are located in Africa and North America as well.

This is not a new phenomenon in the U.S.  The Chinese have pockets in many major cities in the U.S. and have been there for decades.  Although they have not learned the language or assimilated into the culture of America, they have not conspired to overthrow the country.  The Central American population has invaded the U.S. and they, like the Chinese, have not assimilated into America.  Many of these people want America to become part of Mexico.  There have even been reports of Islamic areas in the U.S. where Sharia law is practiced.

America has compounded the Hispanic problem by opening our southern border to allow an unrestricted inflow of immigrants.

Fifty world leaders met in France today to declare their support for one another and declare their intent to defeat ISIS, ISIL, al Qaeda, or Daesh, or whatever you want to call them.  They were joined by over a million civilians from all over Europe.  This might be the beginning of the end for these radical Islamic groups.  If the nations of Europe join together to drive the radical Islamic terrorists from their borders, then the struggle will take a turn for the better.

The United States President, currently a Muslim, is absent.  He sent the retiring Attorney General, Eric Holder, in his stead, because Holder was already in Europe on government business.  This Administration has steadfastly refused to admit there is a concerted effort by an organized Islamic group to take over the world.  The Fort Hood shooting is reduced to “workplace violence” instead of an attack by an Islamic terrorist.  The Administration has systematically released al Qaeda prisoners from detention at “Gitmo” so they can rejoin the fight to kill Americans.  Obama treats them as common criminals instead of foreign combatants so he is not forced to admit we are in a war.

If America is to win this “war,” we first have to admit we are in one.  We also need to define who our enemy is.  Only then will we be in a position to defeat those who want to end our way of life.  The next place to start is at home.  Securing our border is a start.  Then maybe demanding those immigrants that are here assimilate into our culture.  If they are not willing to learn the language and learn our heritage, then we should send them home.  It is time for our immigrants to become Americans and not their own countries natives just living abroad.  Once our own house is in order, we can join the rest of the world in the struggle to defeat this enemy.


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